Monday, February 9, 2009

No amnio results yet.

Please continue to lift us up in prayer. We did not receive the call about the preliminary amnio results today. I gave them until 3pm and then I called to check and our genetic counselor was in a meeting. The lady I talked to looked to see if our results were in and she did not see them. She said that our genetic counselor would call us tomorrow morning and let us know more after she checked with the lab. I was still hopeful for an "after hours" phone call, but no such luck.

Also I don't know how I missed it, but the responsorial psalm that we sang at church yesterday had an extra verse that I left out in my post accidentally. While Psalm 147 is quite longer than the few verses I posted, I somehow overlooked a significant part that we sang in church, "Glorify the Lord, Jerusalem; Zion, offer praise to your God, Who has strengthened the bars of your gates, blessed your children within you, Brought peace to your borders, and filled you with the finest wheat" Psalm 147:12-14. Wow! Now yesterday's post makes a little more sense why that psalm jumped off the page at me! Thank you Pam, for pointing that out!

Finally, tonight we told Isabel that Mary Grace is sick. I had been rehearsing it in my mind, so I thought it would be easier than it was. Once I told her that we had something we needed to tell her about Mary Grace I paused and for a few seconds the words would just not come out. But then I told her that Mary Grace is sick in Mommy's tummy. I explained that she has boo boos on her body- there is one on her head, boo boos on her hands...Isabel stopped me and told me about when she had a boo boo on her finger. We told her that Mary Grace had a boo boo on her tummy and that she was having a little trouble growing big and strong. I told her that we were going to pray together for God to heal Mary Grace every night before we went to bed and totally unprompted, she asked, "Can we pray for her now?" I replied that we could, and before I could start the prayer, I heard Isabel's little voice begin to pray... (I say "little voice" because when she prays she almost whispers her prayer and sometimes her voice is so light that you can't understand what she says.) But she started out, "Dear God, thank you for our family...*unintelligible*....please help God take away Mary Grace's boo boos and help her grow......Amen." Robert and I looked at each other, I think in disbelief that Isabel had understood the gist of what we just told her and that she had applied it in a prayer without any prompting! What a sweet little blessing and end to the day.


Meredith said...

Angela, your blog and updates have been such an inspiration and show your true spirit! Your faith is amazing and God will deliver you and will continue to "bless your children within you!" We're praying for the test results whenever they come back and more importantly, praying for God's will for Mary Grace and the strength, peace, and grace you'll need to accompany it all. What a precious prayer Isabel proud of you guys for talking to her. I'll be praying for her emotionally as well. Children really are the greatest blessing to the Lord and I know every prayer is precious to Him, but surely those out of a child's mouth are amongst the ones He holds most dear. We'll add Mary Grace to Hailee's prayers at night as well! We love you and are here if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

Angela, I have never had the opportunity to meet you but I have prayed for you and Mary Grace daily since I heard your story! (Lauren, Rob's mom, shared it with me.) Through the blog postings my own faith has been renewed. I have also shared your story with my girlfriends at work. Be encouraged that many people, even people you have never met, are praying for you dear one! May you find sweet rest tonight! Psalm 139 --

Three Girls and a Guy said...

Hi Angela-
I am so glad you started a blog for Mary Grace. I know it will help you to be able to journal about her and the comfort I know God is giving you. I am sure you and Mary Grace are already touching lives in ways you cannot imagine. I hope you do not mind but I linked your blog to mine- Let me know if that is not okay. We are praying for all of you. Love, Megan

Anonymous said...

What a sweet prayer from Isabel, I teared up. I love that little one so much. I'm praying the results come back negative for any Trisomy's today. Let us know. On another note, I told someone I know from camp and you and Mary Grace have people in South Africa and Spain praying for you.