Wednesday, February 4, 2015

So I had a thyroid biopsy...*Update*

Check that off of my list of weird medical things to do.

It went fine and an initial look at the cells that they extracted look normal and not like cancer.  We are awaiting official pathology results that should come in Thursday, but it looks good.   Praise God!

So just in case you are wondering what it is like to have a thyroid biopsy, I went in and sat upright in a chair.  They put betadine on my neck and the doctor looked at my thyroid nodules by ultrasound and then stuck a needle in my neck and extracted cells/fluid/tissue...not sure what all came out of the nodules.

So I had 2 nodules and they had to do 2 biopsies on each nodule to make sure they got a good sample.

That was FOUR needles in my neck!!!  The first one hurt a little but, you know like getting blood drawn by a not-so-good nurse.  The second stick was much better, but right after he got done with that one I got really, really lightheaded.  The room started flashing, I thought I was going to be sick.  I had to sit forward, turn a fan on, sip cold water, put a cold washrag on the back of my neck and two ice packs on my thighs and hands.  And finally, I started to feel better.  The ice really helped.  That was pretty embarrassing and the doctor suggested we not do the last 2 biopsies, but I was not going to drive all the way again on another day for something that we could get done right then, so we trucked through the last two and I had some juice afterward and felt fine.  My neck was a little sore afterward, but all in all, it was a very simple procedure.  The worst part was me getting faint.

As long as the pathology report comes back clean, my little nodules will remain right there on my thyroid and I will go back to the endocrinologist in a year to check on them.

Overall I am feeling better...I think all the vitamins are definitely helping me, and being on the thyroid medicine must be helping.  But my heart still does pound on a daily basis, although it no longer seems to be skipping beats. 

I go back to my NaPro doctor in 2 weeks.  So we will see what she has to say about it.

*UPDATE*  My biopsies came back normal...they are benign!  Praise God and sorry to keep you waiting for the results.