Saturday, October 27, 2012

All's well at 16 weeks and a day.

We had another OB appointment yesterday for a regular check-up and baby seems to be doing just fine in there!  Isabel came with me to this appointment since it was the first appointment that they used a doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat (rather than having an u/s), which was a strong 140bpm!  I was really relieved to hear it, Iz was excited to hear it, and the doctor who was new to the practice, certainly knew nothing of the slight trepidation I have at each appointment as I wait to hear if the baby is in fact still doing okay. 

I have started to feel some stronger bumps lately, but I certainly don't feel them this point it's like every 3 days, so the days in between feeling the baby move are sometimes a little nerve-wracking.  Luckily between Isabel and Ian I am staying pretty busy ;) which may also be a reason that I am less-focused on what the baby is doing and perhaps even missing some of those movements.  The other thing that concerns me is that my belly is just not really growing very big yet...I know, it's only 16 weeks, but I was not very big with Mary Grace at 19 weeks and that is just three weeks away.  I remember thinking "I should be bigger!" with Mary Grace, so I have that little worry in the back of my mind.

Our anatomy scan is scheduled for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and in case I have not mentioned this yet,.....we are NOT finding out the gender.  I had some initial anxiety about giving up this "control", ie., knowing the baby's sex, being able to wash gender appropriate clothes, setting up the right colors for the nursery.  But LOL at this point we may not even be in a house by the time this baby is I am giving up that control to join my husband in the JOY of the SURPRISE! :)  He is really excited about waiting to find out, and I am slowly gaining excitement about not finding out.