Sunday, January 29, 2017

One Post a Month: January

Since I have been an incredibly slack blogger, I've decided to do a post a month for 2017.  I mean, that is 12 posts. 
For. an. entire. year.
I can't fail at this, right?  ;)

I won't guarantee what will be in these once a month posts, but I will guarantee to do one each month.

For starters, I am glad to see 2017!  I LOVED getting to see Cooper meet all his milestones and all that beautiful baby newness and joy that comes with adding a child to our family in 2016.  His first year was such a blessing.  I found myself staring at him a lot over the year and being mesmorized that God would see fit to bestow this little gift onto our family.
Cooper is cruising everywhere, eats like a horse, is by far the biggest baby we have had (finally we had a kid break 20 pounds by 1 year!), and says "uh oh" and "go-go-go".  I would love to have another easy baby like him.

My New Year's Resolution was to drink more water.  I am happy to report I am succeeding!  I aim for 6 16 ounce glasses a day, so 96 ounces/day.  What's crazy is that sometimes I am still thirsty.  Before this I was a terrible water drinker.  I was just too busy before to stop and think "I need to drink", but my dear husband and I now compete to see who can drink the most water each day, so that has helped to keep me on target.

On the farm, we are getting ready for baby goats in just 3 short weeks!  We love our dairy goats here.  We raise only Lamanchas, and recently created a Facebook page for our farm, Bearded Acres.  Lamanchas are one of the less common dairy goat breeds in our area, so it is a neat way to connect with other goat people who also love this particular breed.  I will be really happy to get back to drinking our raw goat milk.  While they are pregnant, our goats are dry (not milking) and we have been drinking grocery store cow's milk.  And when you are used to fresh goat's milk...well, there's obviously no comparison.  Regardless, it's about to get busy around here.

While life trucks on with all of our daily happenings, I can't help but feel like I am watching the majority of the world slip into this dismal abyss. Woah, she jumped off the deep end with that one, you are thinking!  But truly, are there only a few sane people around anymore?  I have this deep sense of needing to become detached from everything I can that is not spiritually beneficial.  TV, Facebook, media & news....  I don't think my family will let me throw the tv out, but I feel like we are short on time for preparing our spiritual "nests" if you will.  I keep thinking, if Christ came tomorrow, am I ready?  Have I done everything in my life today that He has asked of me? 

Deep thoughts, I know.  But I can't shake them lately. 
Prepare, prepare, prepare.  Your hearts.  Your homes.  Your family.