Wednesday, September 23, 2015

27 weeks with a pic!

I just hit 27 weeks and baby is delivering some strong kicks and punches these days.  We attended my brother's wedding this past weekend and got some really beautiful pictures of the kids and a couple good ones of me and Rob too! :) 

Poor Ian, if only I had noticed his pants button had popped open. ;)
C did not want to participate in picture I got a good one of her pouting.



I was really excited because I took all these pics myself!  Well, except for the one shot I am in ;)  And I was so happy with how they turned out....I can't wait to see what the wedding photographer got!
As far as the pregnancy goes, I am still on my crazy thyroid med schedule and my thyroid levels are now balanced for the time being, so I will continue with all the fasting and pill popping.  My next high level ultrasound to check placenta placement and the baby's kidneys is October 5th, so I'm praying all is well/resolved and also quite excited to get another peek at baby.
I am feeling...well, achy.  Ever since about mid-way through my pregnancy with Ian, and during each subsequent pregnancy, my left leg goes numb/tingly/pins and needles throughout my pregnancy and gets progressively worse.  It usually resolves months after delivery, but man, this time it is really just driving me crazy.  If I brush against something it either feels like hot ice (I know, that doesn't make any sense), or a bee sting, or a knife, and if I rub my leg it is painful.  So, definitely counting down the weeks until little baby's arrival with great anticipation!