Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes: I need your help!

1.  I don't think we are going to close on our new house before Christmas will likely be just after.  This is disappointing, but I am just so thankful that there is a goal in sight, and I have already started organizing the few things we have here at my MIL's so that they can be easily packed and moved when it is time.  We are so excited about getting into our new place that we will definitely be moving things in the day of closing ;)

2.  Speaking of packing things up, there's no other way to say it other than my 6 year old is a hoarder.  She did not get this trait from me, as I seem to be some sort of organizational freak, so it is pretty difficult for me to walk into the room she and Ian are sharing and see her "piles" of "very important stuff".  Well, they must be very important to her because she does not want to seperate with any of her papers, drawings, magazines (think tattered American Girl Doll catalogs and National Wildlife Federation's Ranger Rick mag)... I wish I had taken a picture to show you, but this morning we worked on organizing, trashing and storing her "stash".  She did seem to take pride in the fact that afterwards, an actual full size desk was revealed from under her clutter treasures.  But seriously, I need some help with this.   Any suggestions for kids who just want to hang onto EVERYTHING?

3.  Ian had his 18 month well visit this past Monday at 20 months.  And *drum roll, please* he is in the 6th percentile!  Woohoo!  No, it's not a typo....6th, not 16th or 60th!  And yes, we are cheering!  If you remember any of my struggles with wee little Isabel (in the -3%) then this is a really big number for our tiny little kids :)  And he is holding his growth curve very well, so the doctor was absolutely fine with the way he is growing!  Praise God!  And after a one-night battle with what I believe was croup, 4 weeks of an on and off again cold, and pneumonia in our house, he got a clean bill of health- no ear infections and his lungs sounded great!  What a relief.  On top of that great news, I did not have to pay our usual $40 copay....somehow we had a credit on our account.  Great day!

                                             (Isabel when she was teeny-tiny -3%)

4.  I made jalapeno corn pudding the other day from this allrecipes recipe, and it was really, really good!  BUT, I adapted that recipe by adding jalapenos (from a jar), a small can of diced green chilies, 1/2 an onion, sharp cheddar cheese and diced ham, and I think it needed all of the above unless you really were looking for only the corn taste.  It turned out quite sweet tasting, probably from the can of creamed corn and that balanced out nicely with the spice of the jalapenos!

5.  Ian is obsessed with unloading the dishwasher.  Unfortunately, in Grandma's house, he can open and close her dishwasher all by himself, so you never know when you might walk into the kitchen to find him unloading the dirty dishes... :(  Gotta keep your eye on this kid!  But he is so cute when the dishes are clean and you ask if he would like to help!  He responds with an enthusiastic "YES!!!" and big eyes and a smile, you'd think he just won a trip to visit Thomas the Train or something.  He loves to hand over the silverware and will name each one as he picks it up, so hey, we are homeschooling him already ;)

6.  I am praying the Christmas Rose novena along with so many others and Joy Beyond The Cross.  My intentions during this novena are specifically for mothers who are trying to conceive and for a peace from God while they struggle with the rollercoaster of emotions while trying to have a child.  I remember that pain and the emotional journey of trying to add to our family all too well, so my heart is especially tender for these women.
7.  Finally, I need some suggestions as to what on earth I do with this space in our new house:

I am standing in the bonus room above the garage.  This will be our school room/playroom and one day include a guest bedroom...but I am really trying to figure out how to babyproof the deathtrap that is the stairwell.  So those are the stairs that go down a half flight and then turn left and go down another half flight.  There is the handrail that you see just on the right side...but the two little "catwalk?" areas on either side of the stairs are the issue.  I think I can run a baby gate from the wall closest to the banister all the way across the stairs and to the other wall.  So if you are upstairs and the gate is closed it will not be a problem.  But if a baby/toddler/kid coming up the stairs, I need something that will stop them from wanting to climb the left hand side (as viewed from this would be right hand side if you are coming up the stairs).  Any suggestions?  So far, a bookshelf or floating shelves secured to that wall would be the only idea that we've got.  Need creative help!!