Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Takes Friday #5

My quick takes this week are recent comments I've gotten:

1.  (At the grocery store).  Clerk turns around from stocking shelves and exclaims, "Boy!  You're ready to pop!"  Well, not quite ready...six more weeks actually...thanks.

2.  (Several places):  "A boy and a girl!  Now you're done, right?"  No, *with a smile* actually we will take as many as God gives us.  Response:  Stunned silence or "Oh".

3.  OBGYN:  So what are you thinking in the way of family planning? 
      Me:  Oh we will have as many as God blesses us with.
      OBGYN:  How old is your daughter now?
      Me:  She's almost 5.
      OBGYN:  So she'll be starting kindergarten in the fall or....
(Simultaneously)  OBGYN:  ...will you be homeschooling?
                               Me:  We are homeschooling her.
OBGYN:  That's what I thought!
(What is that supposed to mean?  I've been analyzing this one for days!  Did she assume that I homeschool because I'm willing to accept children as a gift from God?  Did I exude homeschooling mom somehow?  I should have asked her!)

4.  (As Isabel and I are hurrying across the crosswalk in front of Target):  Guy in giant lifted truck yells out, "Hey, don't you be runnin' across that street for no one!  You deserve to take your time and walk!"  LOL....guess he didn't want pregnant lady to trip and fall on her belly! ;)

5.  (Isabel's 4 year old friend at church, with really wide eyes and pointing):  "Woah!  Look at your belly today!!!"

6.  "It feels nice to be called 'big momma' doesn't it?"   Ummm.....yes and no! ;)

7.  (Isabel after reading a story about a mommy getting ready to have a baby)...the story line goes "Hey your mommy looks like she just swallowed a basketball!  She can't even button her coat!"  Isabel exclaims:  "Hey!  That's just like you!" true! ;)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A tearful Tuesday.

Not sure what has gotten into me today, but I certainly woke up ready to cry....and cry I did...about almost everything today.  I'm sure it's got to be hormones.  I mean, I am after all just weeks away from delivery... and that's emotional all on it's own without the complication of this month being February.

February 2011.  The end of this month brings the two year anniversary of losing Mary Grace.  And for the last several weeks, I've been so elated and enchanted with the idea of having a new baby in our home, that at some points I even questioned (in my head) if all of this was real.  "All of this" being losing our daughter two years ago.  Did it really happen?  It felt so far long ago.

Until today. 

About midway through my day, it suddenly felt very real.   Memories and worse, the actual feelings of loss just hit me.  So tonight I went back through my blog to remember where I was two years ago today.  I was "expecting miracles", and today in 2011, I am literally expecting a miracle

A short ten days from my expecting miracles post, brought the post we never wanted to write.  So maybe today, I'm just weak with emotion, and filled with pregnancy hormones that have made me a weepy mess.

It's strange to be torn between two very opposite and sorrow.  I'm so joyful about expecting our little miracle baby, and yet it's sorrowful to remember the loss of our little baby girl. 

Today I'm just stuck in between.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nursery Reveal!

 Bedding is a mish-mash of PB Kasey bumper and animal safari crib skirt.
The three picture frames above the crib are not filled with "real" pictures yet! LOL!  
"Faith", "Hope" and "Believe" are inscribed on the mats.  
I thought that was appropriate since all three have been important on our journey to expanding our family.
I just have to find the right pics to go in the frames!

 I Can't Wait to Meet My Daddy by Kathleen Blease 
And the softest little cuddly blue bear/blankie!  I can't wait for him to be able to snuggle with this!

 Homemade art! :)

Well, after all the struggle and strife painting this room has been, I think it turned out pretty good! ;)  I'm not joking when I say that I will not repaint this room....even if we are blessed with twin girls next!  I will find a way to make these stripes work.....for-ev-er!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Woah, Belly!!!

32 WEEKS!!!
My last OB appointment was on 2/1 and everything is looking great.  Well, there is that pesky little 8lb weight gain again...I suppose some people are just destined to gain 2lbs per week instead of the recommended one!  My belly is measuring a week ahead, (so at 31 weeks I was measuring 32).  My aches, pains, swelling hands and feet, headaches, heartburn, nausea, shortness of breath and dizziness are all normal at this stage! :)  I've been having lots of trouble sleeping at night....restless legs and flipping from one side to other without being able to get into a good position.  But it's so worth it to look at that picture and see that big belly and know that our little guy is alive and kicking and will be joining our family in just 8 *short weeks!  

*Wishful thinking on the "short" part.  Each day is starting to go by slower and slower with the anticipation and excitement building! 

I go again to the doctor on the 15th and then 2 weeks later, then weekly!  I just can't wait!