Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Takes Friday #5

My quick takes this week are recent comments I've gotten:

1.  (At the grocery store).  Clerk turns around from stocking shelves and exclaims, "Boy!  You're ready to pop!"  Well, not quite ready...six more weeks actually...thanks.

2.  (Several places):  "A boy and a girl!  Now you're done, right?"  No, *with a smile* actually we will take as many as God gives us.  Response:  Stunned silence or "Oh".

3.  OBGYN:  So what are you thinking in the way of family planning? 
      Me:  Oh we will have as many as God blesses us with.
      OBGYN:  How old is your daughter now?
      Me:  She's almost 5.
      OBGYN:  So she'll be starting kindergarten in the fall or....
(Simultaneously)  OBGYN:  ...will you be homeschooling?
                               Me:  We are homeschooling her.
OBGYN:  That's what I thought!
(What is that supposed to mean?  I've been analyzing this one for days!  Did she assume that I homeschool because I'm willing to accept children as a gift from God?  Did I exude homeschooling mom somehow?  I should have asked her!)

4.  (As Isabel and I are hurrying across the crosswalk in front of Target):  Guy in giant lifted truck yells out, "Hey, don't you be runnin' across that street for no one!  You deserve to take your time and walk!"  LOL....guess he didn't want pregnant lady to trip and fall on her belly! ;)

5.  (Isabel's 4 year old friend at church, with really wide eyes and pointing):  "Woah!  Look at your belly today!!!"

6.  "It feels nice to be called 'big momma' doesn't it?"   Ummm.....yes and no! ;)

7.  (Isabel after reading a story about a mommy getting ready to have a baby)...the story line goes "Hey your mommy looks like she just swallowed a basketball!  She can't even button her coat!"  Isabel exclaims:  "Hey!  That's just like you!" true! ;)



Holly Rutchik said...

So beautiful! As funny and bothersome as these comments can be- they mean a baby is growing - PTL! Today my 3 year old pointed at my tummy and said, "mama, why are there lines on your tummy?" I told her some mamas get those lines when a baby is growing nice and big in the belly. They she said, "yeah, mama, you're really getting big!"
Oh boy!!

Karen said...

I met with a doula the other day, the first thing she said to me was "WOW! You are really, really pregnant!" All I could think was, yes, but you still should t make me feel fat, sheesh. But I just bit my lip.

I'm not sure about that OBGYN comment. I know I don't like it though.

Second Chances said...

I love the comment from the guy in the big truck! So cute that he was watching out for you! Pro-life comments come in the strangest forms sometimes. So excited that you're getting so close!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Angela,
Thanks for the link to the article (on Charlotte's blog) I'm heading there next, but just wanted to say hi after clicking into your blog from there as well. I have a photo of a pair of little feet just like those of Mary Grace. Her name is Magdalene Joy. I guess that means those 4 little feet have met in heaven by now...
The first thing I saw when I clicked on your blog was that photo. And I thought, "I know just how important that photo of those little feet was!"
God bless you, Angela. I can't wait to read more about your journey with NaPro, I can't wait to learn more about it, and I can't wait to "meet" your new little baby. Thanks for the information and most of all, thanks for the hope,