Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's new?

Well I finally announced this on Facebook so it is time to let the blogging world know too!

Saturday was my birthday! 

My present was to get my hair done...yes, I know most people get their hair done just to get it done, but I just cannot stand the cost to get it done right, so to make myself feel better, this year, it was my birthday present.  A cut and highlights.

I posted the following on Facebook:

"New hair, new BABY on the way....35 is going to be a great year! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!"

So now that all of you know, I can fill you in on the rest of my health history over the past few months!
I finally gave in and took the (out-of-pocket) adrenal function saliva test, which tests your cortisol levels at different times throughout a 24 hour period and gives you an idea of your adrenal gland function.   And I was shocked when the results came back as "highest level of adrenal fatigue"!!  I mean, I was tired and hadn't felt great and along with my high blood pressure at every doctor's visit but normal blood pressure at home, I was starting to wonder if I was falling apart.  So when my doctor suggested Adren-ALL, I quickly agreed and started taking this OTC supplement and it was working great!  I was starting to have energy like I had not had in....well, as long as I could remember.  I also changed my diet, because the adrenal glands are all about managing stress and apparently mine were overloaded, so anything I could think of to lower stress (yes, even all those pesky carbs that are difficult to digest are stressful on your adrenals!), I did.  And like I said, I was feeling so good....and then I got pregnant and my doc said, "No more Adren-ALL." 
All I can say is that I cannot wait until I can get back on those supplements.  I am tired.  And it's now the I-slept-all-night-but-still-feel-unrested-the-next-morning type of tired. 
This baby is due in December!  The 22nd/23rd (depending on which of my doctors you ask).  And so far, Praise God, things are looking very good!  I will be 15 weeks on Tuesday and I have had 3 ultrasounds so far.  Baby in the right place, check.  Baby has a heartbeat, check.  Placenta looks good, check.  Baby was scanned and I had a blood test to check for chromosomal disorders and everything came back looking great.  I was so relieved. 
The doctor who did my last scan was the same one who dealt with my partial molar pregnancy last year....that baby, as did Mary Grace, had triploidy, and the doctor mentioned again that he had never had a patient (or had heard of his colleagues having a patient) who had 2 triploidy pregnancies.  I go back in July to the maternal fetal medicine people to have my big anatomy scan, and like with Caroline, we are not finding out the gender.  I just pray that everything continues to go well.....all I can do is take it day by day...and sometimes moment by moment.  The anxiety sometimes comes out of nowhere and I constantly think of purchasing a fetal heart Doppler to calm my nerves.  But ultimately, whatever happens, God is in control and His big picture is something that I do not yet get to see. 
In the meantime, we pray, hope and enjoy watching my belly start to grow!