Friday, March 13, 2009

Mary Grace's burial gown.

I just realized that most of you have not seen the gorgeous little dress that was handmade from someone's cherished wedding gown in which we buried Mary Grace. It was made by a volunteer from the Mary Madeline Project an organization that takes these donated wedding gowns and turns them into burial gowns for the tiniest little babies. There's not really a way to describe how perfect the little dress was. It was made by someone with alot of love, and from a dress that someone wore on their "day of love", and now it is worn by the little baby whom we love so much.

I cannot say enough about what an amazing organization Mary Madeline Project is! They shipped her dress so fast to ensure it was delivered on time. We will forever be grateful to Pam and Meredith for finding this organization and contacting them about Mary Grace, and especially to Carlin Kammerer from Mary Madeline Project who made sure that Mary Grace had a gown to wear. Just amazing, we are so thankful. The little dress is so small and delicate. I was feeling a little desperate before we had discovered Mary Madeline Project because it meant we would have had to bury Mary Grace in a baby doll dress.

While my friend went on a search to toy stores and did find a pretty dress, there was just something that didn't feel right about laying her to rest in a dress for a toy. So we were just floored that beautiful handmade dress were available for situations like ours. And we were so grateful, because when I saw the gown I knew that it was perfect. I know that it is to cover her little earthly body, but I also imagine Jesus holding her in heaven and she is wearing that beautiful, precious gown.


Kelly Via said...

It's absolutely beautiful!

Holly said...

It is the most beautiful little dress, what a wonderful organization!!

Anonymous said...

Angela, thanks for sharing these photos with everyone. I hope that you don't mind that Mere had sent me a picture of the gown as soon as it arrived -- although she said that she hoped that she was not violating your privacy by doing so. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that it provided you with some comfort. It is truly a beuatiful little dress; and I, too, would like to think of Mary Grace resting in the loving arms of Jesus in such fine array. I am in hopes that all who see this will find out more about the Mary Madeline Project and send their wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, or prom dresses to this remarkable organization. I was so sad when I found out that my wedding dress that had been stored for well over 30 years was too yellowed and fragile to send in. That's what happens when you hold onto something for too long, I guess. I hope that others will be encouraged to donate their "love" gowns so that they can give another grieving family the precious gift that you were given by the MMP. I would like others to know, too, that they can donate their gowns/dresses in memory of someone -- whether it's Mary Grace or a special friend or family member of their own who has passed away. Thank you again for sharing another very private piece of this whole journey with us. God is using all of this to touch the hearts of others and to further His message of love and compassion through the life and death of your precious child. God bless you. Pam

Anonymous said...

The gown is beautiful and perfect for beautiful tiny Mary Grace. It's a wonderful idea for wedding gowns. I would not have liked the doll dress either. Thanks for sharing the gown with us. Your blog is so awesome you should write a book. Hope you all are doing better as each day goes by as God walks you along the path to recovery. My thoughts and prayers are still with you.


Lisa said...

How precious. What a perfect gown for your princess. Thank you for sharing with us.