Monday, March 9, 2009

How perfect is His creation.

Today I thought I'd share the picture that we displayed at the funeral. It is the picture of Rob holding Mary Grace's little feet. It was taken by Robin Rogers and shows just how tiny our little girl was. She was so small and yet she was so perfectly formed. You could see her tiny little toenails and the delicate lines on the bottom of her feet.

I was happy that we took lots of photos of her as well as having a professional photographer. It just feels like you could not have too many pictures of someone who was here for such a short amount of time. Her pictures are very personal and close to mine and Robert's heart. I almost feel protective of them- maybe that's my way of being protective of her. But we have only shared this one picture.

Yesterday and today have been much better days for me. I've been trying to stay busy. Today we went and picked out a collection of fake flowers from Michael's to lay at Mary Grace's grave. I detest fake flowers, but it is the cemetery's policy and I understand that it makes more sense to have something that will last at a cemetery, rather than having fresh cut flowers that would wilt and die. The collection we chose is actually quite pretty; I guess fake flowers have come a long way. I also bought a box in which to put some of her remembrance items. I have had a very strong and urgent need to quickly find a "home" for some of her things. It feels good to have a special space for them now.

Your prayers must have really been working, because it is an absolutely gorgeous 78 degree day here in Raleigh with Carolina blue skies and a gentle breeze, and I really feel like my heart has been lightened a bit today. I guess you really do ride grief like the ocean waves, because today it is hard to be too sad when God is showing His glory in this springtime weather. I feel like God is not only carrying me today, but holding me up to delight in His creation.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, Angela. Such a breathtaking picture. You are still in my prayers.

Kelly Via said...

What a beautiful photograph. How delicate and sweet. I know those photographs must be so precious to you. Still praying for you and your family here in Knightdale, NC.

Amie said...

What an amazing photo! You are so strong. I am happy to hear you're moving forward, slowly. I think you're doing a great job. Still praying for you and your family.
mommyto3 (TWW)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Angela...that is a beautiful picture! What perfect little feet! You continue to be such an inspiration and encouragement to us all! We are still praying for you guys!


Holly said...

Wow, what an amazing and beautiful picture of your precious little one's feet. I had to share it with my husband and we were simply amazed by her little toes and how perfectly formed they were, I don't think we ever think they are so perfect at that stage. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone, I can understand you wanting to be protective of the pictures. I continue to pray for you and your family.


Meredith said...

I'm so glad you posted that is such a pricesless picture and something that once again, Mary Grace is using to show God's creation and love to the world!!! For anyone to see that who has ever doubted that a baby is already perfectly formed so soon after conception surely they know now of God's perfection and creation of every precious child He grows in a mother's womb!! Thanks Mary Grace for sharing those tiny precious, perfectly formed feet with all of us to see!

We are still praying hard for your family daily and this morning I was praying for Jesus to be your Prince of Peace. I pray your hearts will stay peace filled and I"m so happy to hear of your flower arrangements and a box to capture the most sweet and delicate items that belonged to Mary Grace! You are so strong and I'm proud of you for embracing each day.