Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I did it! My wedding dress is gone!

It is done! I have finally shipped off my wedding dress to Mary Madeline Project so that it can be made into precious little gowns for other babies who have died. I feel so thankful that I am able to give back to this wonderful organization that helped us have something small enough and something so special and beautiful in which to bury Mary Grace.

I can't think of a better thing to do with my wedding gown. *Sigh*... My wedding gown! The gown you dream about, thumb through bridal magazines for, and spend countless hours trying on and tailoring until your dress is perfect! The dress you wear for less than one day in your entire life! But one of your most cherished possessions because it holds the most dreamy memories of love and joy in marrying your spouse and the hope and promise of your new life together.

I LOVED my wedding dress. I loved wearing it, I loved getting married in it nearly six short years ago. I definitely hesitated for a second when I thought of giving it away. After all, doesn't every mother have some tiny dream of her own daughter wearing her gown? Or at least we wonder if she will want to wear it when she grows up? The practical side of me was thinking "can I give something away that cost so much??" Yes, you can. You can when you understand how much it means to a family that has lost their baby. You can when you think about the parents who worry about burying their child in a doll's dress because there is nothing else that is small enough. I can say that I will be proud to tell Isabel that my wedding dress went to help the families of little babies who died like her sister, Mary Grace, and that when someone helps you, you can show love and appreciation by doing good for others.

We have had so many people offer their generosity in so many different and deep ways, that giving away my wedding gown is just a very small way that I can give back and help another family in need.

I did want to share some pictures of Robert and I on our wedding day, July 11th, 2003 (for those of you who weren't there or who don't really know us!) It was a joyous day; we are so blessed to be living out our lives as a married couple! And as you remember, July 11th is not only our wedding day, but it was Mary Grace's due date as well, so I think donating the dress in her memory will prove especially significant.

If you would like to donate your wedding gown to Mary Madeline Project, please visit: www.marymadelineproject.org/How_you_can_help.htm


Meredith said...

I LOVED today's blog...so precious and just beautiful pics of you guys! I'm so glad you were able to donate it-I'm hoping to do the same with mine! I know it feels great in your heart to give back and know that you're helping other families in need like you guys were helped! Your dress was beautiful and will make lots of precious gowns for precious babies! and hopefully all of their mommies can visualize their precious child in the arms of Jesus with their beautiful gowns on just like you've done with Mary Grace!

Anonymous said...

Angela, I was overjoyed when I read your blog today. Usually I check it every other day or so, but I was very busy last week and didn't take the time to do so. What a precious gift you have given to other familes who, in the future, will have one less thing to agonize over as they go through the angst and preparations of burying their sweet little ones who did not make it here on this earth. How perfect that it was this gown, worn on the same day that Mary Grace was to have been born, that has become such a special tribute to her memory. Your decision to give up something so precious to you is yet another testament to your compassion and your giving nature. God bless you. Pam

Anonymous said...

I sent my sister the link for Mary Madeline. I hope she does it. I always thought your wedding seemed so holy and joyous. I was blessed to be part of it. I'm proud of you for giving your dress away. It probably holds a little bit of holiness in it still from that time. I'm sure Isabel will want her own dress (mom still thinks I'm going to wear hers from the 70s since it fits me-ha!). I love you!

Milk Mama said...

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful project!!!!