Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Thankfulness.

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter day and wish all of you the blessings of Easter! It was a day filled with hope, joy and renewal as we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. It was a day of thanks, for me. I felt so grateful to the Father for sending us His son to die for our sins, that we might all have new life. I was especially thankful that Jesus died for Mary Grace and for my other two children, too young to name. Of course I am grateful that Jesus died for me, for Isabel, for Robert, for all of our friends and family...for everyone! But it's different to think about it when you have children who didn't make think about where they are. You think about what heaven must be like (of course we can't fathom it's beauty or the glorious life we will have with our Savior). But you can't help but try to imagine where your child is once they have gone. So in a mother-who-is-grateful-to-a-God-who-sent-His-own-Son-to-save-her-child-and-take-that-child-to-heaven kind of way, I have thoughts of deep thankfulness and great joy knowing that I KNOW where Mary Grace Holmes IS.

Because if it weren't for Jesus, Mary Grace would just be dead today.

I know, that is awfully blunt, but stop and think about it.

As a mother who misses her baby desperately, I know that she is with Him! Do you get it? Do you get that Jesus conquered death? Death which we seldom think about until it is in our face? Mary Grace would not have been able to conquer death on her own. Neither would I, and neither would you. But Jesus did. And today, even though I don't have my precious little girl here, I know that death is not the end; that I will see her again.

And that is all thanks to our Lord.

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Meredith said...

I'm so glad your joy and hope are being filled by the Spirit!! Praise God for His son and His ressurection at Easter time! Our sermon Easter morning was that God put Death to Death by the Death of One! And you so bluntly put it that Mary Grace did not just have to face death b/c the Father conquered Death and said it shall be no more!! So, I'm rejoicing with you that Mary Grace is ALIVE with Jesus!! Your words are such a wonderful testimony to anyone who reads your blog-you have been made strong by Him and I'm so happy that your soul finds moments of thankfulness.