Monday, April 1, 2013

The Countdown is on! 38 weeks & 4 days appointment

Baby has engaged!!!  Well, just barely, at -3 station, and I am still 50% effaced, but now at 2 centimeters- hooray!

I had only gained 1.5 more pounds since last week and my blood pressure was a little lower than last week's- 130/80 today, but my doctor noted that is still higher than normal for me and I had protein in my urine today. So he ordered some blood work to check for preeclampsia markers.  Other than being tired, short of breath and having some mild swelling, I feel fine for this stage of I guess I just wait to hear what the results are and where we go from there.  He estimates baby to be about 8lbs at birth and he was only a few ounces off when he guessed Isabel's birth weight 7 years ago.  

I'll be 39 weeks on Thursday, and little Ian turns 2 on Friday!!!  I can't believe he will be 2!  And I can't believe we are really about to have another baby!!  I've got to get to BJ's warehouse and stock up on food!!!!



Jenny said...

Come on baby!!

Sew said...

You are so funny about stocking up on food!

Hurry up and get er done!

Angela said...

Yes, I wish this baby would get here already! Sew: I have to have a stockpile of chicken nuggets for when I'm at the hospital and once this baby gets home! LOL! ;)