Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stats at 37 and 4, plus a picture

My stats for yesterday (37 weeks, 4 days) are:

Up 3 more pounds :(
Blood pressure was up from last week's 100/68 compared to today 130/84: but no one at the doctor's office seemed concerned with that (?)
Still 1cm and 50% effaced, and baby has still not engaged in my pelvis.
Good news is that my cervix has moved down and forward.
I've been really irritable and easily agitated the last week, and craving ice.  The doctor says it is due to my low iron.  Feeling bad for Robert, and Isabel and Ian at this point because I have a really short fuse and the dumbest, littlest things set me off.  I need to go to confession.

What else?  The doctor estimated that the baby would be 7lbs 12oz at 40 weeks...so somewhere between Isabel's and Ian's birth weights.  My belly was measuring 39 weeks already.

I've eaten 2 pineapples, and have been doing figure 8's on my exercise ball ;)  And as you can see from the picture I am much bigger than the last pic....most especially in the face!  Ha.


Sew said...

You look beautiful as always!

About that wood....we have that wood in our back mushroom. We painted it with that primer you don't have to sand first. Yes, big mistake.

So I'm thinking of sanding it down and getting a

Sew said...

Paint sprayer....I think that is what will give the finished look.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

You look beautiful!

Sew said...

Is that a tin ceiling?!?!? Omgosh!!!!