Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blood pressure update 38 weeks and 5 days

My doctor today told me he would be seeing me "often" now. 

My blood pressure yesterday was 130/80, and today was 136/92. 

I got the jug to do a 24 hour urine specimen.  The nurse and my doc disagreed on how it should be done.

The nurse said that you start with morning urine and run the test for 24 hours.  The doc wanted me to start immediately and return the sample tomorrow and have my blood pressure tested again.  He didn't want to wait until Thursday.  He said we were "not going to miss the boat". 

So I don't know if this will skew the results at all?  But apparently that's the way this doc wants to do it and if he wants to err on the side of caution, that is okay with me.

So tomorrow will be my 3rd visit to the OB this week!


Sew said...

I would so be getting induced! LOL

Jennifer @ Catholic Inspired said...

Is he thinking Pre-eclampsia? I had the same thing with my 9th baby... They took him c-section at 38 weeks and he was just over 4 pounds in size. I was so happy he was healthy! They took him the day they got the results for the 24 hr. urine test. (That was a very strange day.)
If it is pre-eclampsia, they will have you on soooo many drugs after you deliver...it was horrible! I couldn't even holding my little guy because I was so dopey!!
Prayers for you and your little one.