Wednesday, October 5, 2011

6 months of Ian

Today Ian turned 6 months old!  I absolutely cannot believe he has already been here for 6 months, and yet it is hard to figure out how we got along without him before he arrived.

Ian continues to be a charmer.  His easy smile and happy baby laughs are enough to make me want 10 more!  Okay, well...that probably won't be likely (so don't worry, Mom!). 

At 6 months Ian has 4 teeth (well, the top 2 have broken through, but are not all the way down yet).  He is inchworming everywhere...

"Inchworming??", you ask??

Just watch below:

He's alot faster now....that was a couple weeks ago. 
Now he thinks he should start pulling up on things....
at 6 months.
So far he pulls up just so that he's holding on to something and he's on his knees....he is not actually pulling to a standing position or anything....
pretty good for a 6 month old, huh?

And I finally, yes, finally....
at 6 months....
transitioned him into his own crib....that is, not mine and Robert's bed....that is, not the co-sleeper that was attached to our bed...that is, his own crib in his own bedroom all the way across the playroom.  But he's doing quite well in there!  I'm the one who is having baby withdrawals!  People used to ask me (all the time) if Ian was sleeping through the night and before I had a hard time answering, because he was in the bed with he never fully woke up, but if he started rooting around in the bed, I'd nurse him and he was back to sleep in an instant.   However, now, I can answer, definitely NOT sleeping through the night.  Here is our routine. 

He goes to sleep around 8-9pm in the pack 'n play downstairs (because we are downstairs in the evening watching tv).
I fall asleep on the couch and then go to bed by 11pm.
Rob stays up (he's a night owl) and brings Ian up to the crib between 12am-1am (at which time Ian usually wakes up and nurses).
Then he usually wakes up at 4am and nurses, then back to sleep until about 7:30am.
Sometimes there is one extra "wake up" in there. 

The only issue at 6 months that we are having is that 2 weeks ago, Ian weighed 14lbs on our home scale.  At his 4 month well-visit he was 13lbs 9.5oz.  So he had only gained about a half pound (not even!) over a month and a half.  I was very concerned....actually I've been concerned since his 4 month check-up, because he had already started sliding down the growth chart.  So about a week ago I started him on formula.  I try to get about 10-12oz of formula in him a day and the rest is breastmilk...of course I'm not really pumping all that breastmilk, he is just nursing, so I'm not totally sure how many more ounces he is getting a day.  I was thinking that maybe my milk is just water...well, mostly water. 

Is it possible for some breastmilk to just be lowfat???  Maybe he is not getting enough hindmilk....maybe my hindmilk is really 1% instead of whole milk???  I don't know.  All I know is that the formula seems to be helping because on October 3, I weighed him at 14.8lbs on my home scale and then October 4th, he was 15 even (but wearing his diaper and onesie) still .8 lbs in a week is pretty good in my opinion.  We go to the pediatrician for his 6 month well visit on Monday, so I'm sure she'll have alot to say. 

This is very much a repeat of far as falling off the growth charts.  The only thing I have going for me in Ian's case is that his poor sister went through every test imaginable and they were never able to find anything "wrong".  But when both kids start falling off the charts around 4 months, it does make me wonder about my milk. 

Now I do have to say that I feel pretty rotten about the milk makes me feel pretty inadequate to think that my milk is not supplying enough calories to keep my kids growing!  I'm eating plenty (just ask Rob :) ) and I'm drinking I don't know what else could be eating up the calories unless I'm pregnant!  (Don't worry Mom, that was another joke!)

In that department, I still haven't seen my period.  I had gotten it around 5 months PP with Isabel and I was even exclusively, on-demand breastfeeding with her!

Anyway, I'll leave you with a cute pic of my three sweeties!  It's almost a family pic, except someone had to take the picture :)  Baby doesn't sit still for the camera timer.

Happy 6 months, Ian! 

And as a completely random aside, does anyone know what I could do with winter squash???


Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

My goodness, Ian looks just like his daddy! :) Great photo!

And, someone else will have to help with the squash. ;)

mrsblondies said...

No squash advice, but K is also almost crawling too and she's only 3 days younger than Ian. She's more of an army crawler than an inch wormer. We still have K in our room and I'm not going to worry about moving her until it's an issue.