Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Takes Friday #3

1.  I was totally blessed by a friend this week who gave me a TON of little boy clothes!  I had so much fun pouring through box after box of clothing that I didn't even care when my back started hurting from bending over all these precious little outfits!  It was like opening Christmas presents.  I swear she had some of the cutest boy clothing I've seen, and that made me really excited, because as a mommy to a little girl, I know there is adorable girl stuff out there.  But everytime I'd peek into the boy section of the stores, I was kinda disappointed.  Well, now I don't have to be because I am set until Baby Boy Holmes is 2!!! 

2.  I've decided not to have a baby shower.  While I was approached by several sweet friends offering to throw us one, I just felt like I couldn't have one before the baby is born.  Too much has been uncertain during the last 4 pregnancies for me to feel "safe" having a shower.  I don't really want to say that I'm superstitious and that having a baby shower will somehow "jinx" this pregnancy, because that sounds really stupid and I know it's not true.  But I guess there is some part of me that doesn't feel right about having a full-blown party celebrating a baby coming before he is physically in my arms, safe and sound.  Hopefully people will understand that.  We are looking forward to having a "Meet the New Baby" party once he arrives...maybe a cookout or something! 

3.  Painting the nursery was a huge project, but I'm glad that we did it and that DH helped out....because I learned that even though I think my way is best, it's not necessarily the case ;)  There can be two equally good ways of taping horizontal stripes on the walls....I just need to mellow out sometimes and let people help me.  (Thanks Rob for hanging in there with me!) ;)  I'll post more pics when I get it all put together :)

4.  The last two days I've been on and off the heating back has been sore in three different areas.  And I've been having some lower back crampiness...I get my period cramps in my lower back, so I'm keeping an eye on it in case it turns into more than just crampiness.  Kinda strange.  I'm trying to remember to offer up all these little aches and pains!  I know I can put any discomfort to good use if I am just intentional about it!

5.  We've decided to do the circus instead of Lion King this year.  The cheapest tickets left are $90 a piece (since I didn't buy them back in October) so it is just more economical to go this year to the circus.  I have seen Lion King before and it was SPECTACULAR!  I would love to go again and take DH and DD, but hopefully it will come back into town in a few years and DD might better appreciate it in a few years.  Thanks for all your votes ;)

6.  DD has been obsessed with "having babies"....Whether it is requesting to watch "A Baby Story", or asking me to be the doctor so that she can deliver her own babies (Oh yes, I "delivered" two sets of twins just batch was natural and one was a C-section), and her dollhouse family has been having babies too...including a newborn stegosaurus.  It has been such a trip! 

7.  Looking forward to a much-needed date night tonight with DH.  We are going out for BBQ (closest thing to Texas-style BBQ that we have here in NC), and hopefully I can lure him into doing a bit of nursery accessory shopping!


Martianne said...

What a delight to be readying your home for your new blessing!My kids so loved waiting for their brother. some of their favorite books were the ones listed here-

Meredith said...

Cant wait to see pics of the new fun. that was the saddest part for me when moving, was painting over hannah'snursery that we had spent so much (fun) time preparing for her. more belly pics please!

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

#6 is soooooooooo cute!!!!! :)

Karen said...

Have you tried sitting on an exercise ball to help you back? Kaitlin recommended it to me and it has been a life saver!

Angela said...

Karen: I have not tried the exercise ball, but I am going to look for one today because that is the 2nd recommendation now for one! Thanks!

Lisa said...

Ha-- loved the baby delivery stories. My daughter is almost 23 months older than my son and she adores him with every breath in her body, and loves to practice on her babies... I've found her "nursing" them more than once!