Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Takes Friday #2

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1.  I've been devoting 4 hours a day for the last 2 days to painting the nursery and I'm not even halfway there!  Let me just say that taping horizontal lines is....well, less than fun.  I don't care if we have twin girls next, whoever winds up in the nursery next is keeping the same paint colors!!!  As you can see I even turned over some of the work to DD!

2.  Isabel has started taking pictures of me with my Olympus SLR...they are less than flattering (no offense Iz!), and thanks to her, I've realized that I'm now sporting my very unattractive pregnancy double-chin.  :(  Not pleased.

3.  Current household debate (yes, two 30 year olds debating a 4 1/2 year old makes for a good time!):  Go see The Lion King (Broadway South Series) or go to the circus??? 

4.  Yesterday we celebrated Three Kings Day and the night prior we did in fact leave out a bowl of grass and a bowl of water for the kings' camels....Isabel was delighted when the grass and water bowls were empty Thursday morning!  We also gave each other very small gifts received very small gifts from the three kings.  I got a bottle of nail polish :)

5.  I made Karen's Chocolate Guinness Stout Cake yesterday (because I had been craving it for about a week!) and if you have not tried it, it is just the BEST!  One of my all-time fave cakes....and DH's too!  Of course it's probably not helping my double-chin..... ;)  but it's too delicious for me to care!!

6.  DH and I knocked out Isabel's "before bedtime show" and replaced it with family prayer time.  So it didn't go over too well when I announced it that way to her, but now that we've been doing it these first few days of January she's jumped right in and even reminds us that we need to have prayer time.  (Kids are so adaptable!) We have either been saying a rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  And the real benefit is that it is true "family time".  Before when she would watch a show, Rob and I would both be preoccupied on the computer, so each family member was really having their own isolated time...and now...well what can I say?  We're bonding! ;)  It just feels like a much healthier dynamic we've got going on now.

7.  The sentence "if you notice any frantic activity, contact your healthcare provider" in my baby book has always unnerved me.  I mean, what the heck does "frantic activity" by a baby in the womb feel like?  And once I figure it out, would it be too late??  One night this week I woke up and rolled onto my right side and within about a minute noticed what felt to me like "frantic activity".  I panicked a little, but kept lying there almost too afraid to move, until I realized I needed to get on my left side and see if it got better.  Well as soon as I got to my left side, all movement stopped and I was completely freaked out.  So I roll back to my right side and then the activity picks up but now it just feels like normal movement. about not being able to sleep the rest of the night.  I thought I was going to have to sleep with the doppler on my belly.  So the worry has not completely ceased during this pregnancy....I suppose it will be like that until I deliver.  I'm still praying every day for a healthy outcome and a baby to bring home! 


Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

Whoa, I have never, ever heard of the "frantic activity" warning!!! I would take a big sharpie and cross that out! I'm thinking that makes moms worry needlessly!!

mrsblondies said...

The "frantic activity" thing definitely sounds like a description that would just cause unnecessary worry, especially since it's so vague. Praying for you.

Nicole C said...

Umm...chocolate Guiness stout cake?!? Yes please!! Sounds like what my husband's heaven would be like. Thanks for posting!!

For what it's worth, I highly recommend The Lion King. I saw it on stage...twice!!! It's beautiful!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Lion King - all the way!! I actually have never seen it, but my sister loved that showing growing up and we watched it over and over!! So, maybe I am a bit biased. Isabel is so stinking cute - I love the picture of her painting!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

I have never seen the broadway show that is. The movie - definitely.

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

My little bean does the exact same thing when I switch from left to right-very content and sleeping when I'm on my left and goes crazy when I role to my right. I'm pretty sure it's just because of the way s/he's positioned. Our babes both prefer the left!

My Heart Exults... said...

I've seen Broadways Lion King and it is AMAZING! I loved it, but my husband...not so much. He thought it was ok, but he's not a big theater fan :( I was giddy over the costumes and singing, him - not so much. My point is: if she's never been to the theater, she might not get it. Key word: might. Who knows, I liked the circus when I was five. Is the circus the same as it was back in the day? I'm sure my comment was not helpful at all. But I like the shade of blue you choose!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

I'm with JBTC...totally Lion King. So cute that your daughter is so excited about praying.

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

Love the debate! I vote Lion King!