Friday, December 4, 2009

Treasures in heaven.

Oh dear little one in heaven, today I took down the memory card from your funeral that has been attached to the top left corner of the refrigerator for the last 9 months.  I can hardly believe it has been that long since you left us.  I can hardly believe that you have another sibling with you now in heaven.  I often think of what you and your 3 other siblings must be doing in heaven...

Are you infants and older people are holding you?  Perhaps a young woman who never got a chance to have any children of her own is taking care of you.  Perhaps my own relatives are tending to your needs.  Do you even have "needs" once you are in heaven other than a need to praise God? 

Are you young children?  Do you play?  When I meet you in heaven, will I know you?  Will you know me? 

Mary Grace, you and your siblings are truly the only treasures I can store up in heaven. 

My heart and mind have been full in the last few days of an urgency to draw our earthly family closer to the Lord.  Yes, we are Catholic Christians.  Yes, we go every Sunday to Mass (unless we are ill!).  We go frequently to confession to draw on the graces we receive there to turn away from sin.  I am spending more time with my bible study and daily meditation on scripture.  Yet I still feel like my conscience is tugging at me to do love my neighbor spend time in deep prayer more often, perhaps in nearly constant prayer.  I have started making more time during this busy, busy Advent season to slow down so that I can better prepare my heart for Jesus' birth. 

Maybe my treaures in heaven are praying very hard to put this urgency on my heart right now. 

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Anonymous said...

I imagine they have a friends, a special one in particular, there with to love and play with too!