Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Mary Grace.

Merry Christmas, Mary Grace!  I thought for sure as I carried you in my womb last December that this Christmas you would be in my arms as a sweet little 5 month old.  Oh we just do not know what is in store for us when we think ahead to the coming days.  I would have never guessed that you would not be with us.  But my heart is full of joy this Christmas as I think of you celebrating our Savior's birth right there in heaven!  I feel like I catch a glimpse of the awe and majesty of what that must be like when we attend Mass on Christmas Eve night.  There is a sense of wonder, awe and anticipation of the glory of Jesus!  How true it is that while we anticipate His birth each year, we also anticipate His ultimate return in glory! 

Mary Grace, my Christmas prayer is that I and all my friends and family may have a pure heart where Christ might be born every day.  Please pray for us.  I love you.

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Hil323 said...

Yes Mary Grace-Merry Christmas!!! We love you here and can't wait to meet you one day. You have had a profound influence on so many lives here, thank you for that...
Auntie Hil