Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Garden: Mid June 2013

Here are new pics of the garden.  Some things are a growin' and some things are a goin' wrong!

From the front of the garden
Okra planted by our neighbor

Our first teeny tiny green beans are starting!

Hooray!  They are growing on the purple podded beans too!  

These are cucumber plants just starting to come up.  My first seeds did not emerge from the soil so our neighbor planted some for us!

My batch of okra which was planted a bit ahead of our neighbor's.

Tomato plants on first inspection were doing well.... They are now as tall as the stakes I've put in the ground.

Most of the tomato plants have flowers on them.  However this is what is happening:  They are either browning and falling off or shriveling....I don't think this is supposed to be happening.  Dad, help! What does it mean???

Here is a watermelon plant covered in blooms. 

More tomato this blight?  Sunburned leaves?  It's not on all of them...yet.

Pepper plants seem to be doing well except for one which completely shriveled up and died. 

Zucchini plant still has yet to produce a 2nd zucchini....the first I gave away to the neighbor, remember?  And this was my only zucchini plant that came up from the seeds I planted, so I'm really hoping to get to try one!!

We've had lots of squash so far!  Well, not so much that I'm sick of it, but enough to harvest a few every couple of days to eat for dinner!  Yay!  At least that is going well!

Sweet peas are really producing.  It's funny because they didn't really grow up the vine as well as I thought they would, but they've done a great job of producing!

Our corn = taller than Isabel.

The pumpkin plants are doing well....lots of blooms.  Oh, don't mind the weeds ;)  The weeds are such a problem in our garden because we were trying to go all organic and pick them by hand or till them up, but they are just out of control!  I need a goat that will only eat the weeds to control it.  Hah!  If I had time to get out there everyday and weed, I would, but between the 3 kids I just don't.  So we try  to weed mostly just around the vegetables and the rest of the garden is a weedy mess.

The corn our neighbor planted for us!  Not as tall as Isabel, but starting to grow some ears!!  Hooray!

A pic of the beans climbing.  They are starting to yellow at the bottom leaves.  Not sure if that is just because they are thirsty, or if something else is going on.  I've got to add some more compost to them.

And that's it!  The garden IS really dry today.  I am turning on the sprinkler tonight to give everyone a good soaking...we need some more rain!

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