Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweet Caroline, you tough baby of mine!

Sweet Caroline!  One moment you are this precious little cooing, smiling sweetheart, and the next you are this screaming, grumpy little person, usually right in the middle of dinner, or when I'm about to step into the shower, or as I'm just about to sit down to play with your siblings, or check my email!

You are by far my toughest baby yet!  While we have gotten out of the PURPLE period of nightly screaming, you must be bounced to sleep on myself or your Daddy and if we happen to lie you down in the swing or pack 'n' play you are quick to waken. 

When I am trying to put you to sleep, I have on 2 different fans, the noise machine of rushing water or chirping crickets, and sometimes the swing's music....when it decides to work....just so we have the "right" type of background noise for you!  Usually your favorite white noise is the bathroom fan in the kids' bathroom....because not all bathroom fans are made alike, you know.

The middle of my back hurts when I hold you because I have to hold you a certain way to balance your body that wants to propel itself out of my arms with your newfound baby strength!  You prefer to be straight up.  If I hold you on your side you get super mad because it is not nursing time, but if I give you a paci, you are still quite clueless as to how that thing is supposed to pacify you. 

I am so thankful to whoever invented the Miracle Blanket, because it is our GO-TO when it is time to soothe you to sleep, but you are only supposed to be in that up to 14 weeks....and baby, we've only got 2 more weeks to go! 

You and I both hate the baby Bjorn, but the Moby, which we both love despite all it's miles of fabric is just plain hot this time of year!

But little Caroline, when you decide to smile, it lights up your whole face and your coos and giggles bring my heart back to where it should be....melting with love for you.  And it makes those long, hours of rocking, and my aching feet from standing,...it makes it worth it.

There are moments when I have to beg God for more strength....to keep on rocking, to have patience and to remember that the tough baby times will pass all too quickly....and He always answers my prayer and sends me back renewed to continue my job of mothering. Caroline, I think you are here to help humble me and to turn my eyes back to a more constant (!) prayer life, because that is what is happening!  Praise God!

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Kandice said...

I could have literally written this post myself. My newest addition is a lot more difficult as well. Maybe it's the third child?? We are going on month six with no sleeping through the night still. Hang in there momma. I"m sure you are doing a wonderful job of giving her exactly what she needs. Side note. I love that she has her only little look. She is precious.