Monday, June 3, 2013

Cool Nature on the Mini Farm.

Thanks to God we had some really great science lessons up close and personal this past week!

It's a Polyphemus Moth! (thanks, Google)  Isn't it incredible?  Ian thought the spots on it's wings were really it's eyes!  Just what it wanted him to think! :)

Then we had the Eastern Phoebe bird baby that fell out of it's nest.  There are two Eastern Phoebe we could reach with a ladder and one which we could not reach.  Unfortunately this baby fell from the one that we could not reach, and it did not survive the night.  Oh, it broke my heart!  It was sooooo cute!

Then there were the 2 black rat snakes we found curled up together (!) in our bluebird house....the birdhouse nearest to our house, I might add.  There are about 20 different birdhouses on our property.  The snakes (below) are in a garbage can.  We transported them several miles away.  I know black rat snakes are good for keeping down rodent populations, but they are also good at killing chickens.  Can't have that!

Just in case you don't believe me about them liking chickens....the one below was hiding in the roll of extra chicken wire....IN THE CHICKEN COOP!  He got transported elsewhere too.

And finally, the biggest science lesson surprise of the week....

our little Rhode Island Red hen, Gloria............. no hen at all. 
She's a he
A wannabe hen faker. 
A rooster.

And she he has a new name:  Mr. Glory.

Now I feel slightly stupid for not realizing this sooner.  But really, when Mr. Glory started becoming more distant and kinda doing his own thing, we just thought maybe he was developing faster than the others and that he wanted to start laying eggs soon!  And that his bright red comb and waddle were just part of his early bloomer development??

Okay.  Really, we were just in denial.  I mean we ordered ALL it was just a big surprise. 

Here is a picture of Cherry (hen) to compare to Mr. Glory:

And one with both of them.

Silly Rooster.  We plan on keeping him as long as he stays nice.  I've heard he could go either way, but I can't have a mean rooster around with little kids.  Now Isabel's dream of hatching baby chicks on the farm could become a reality! 

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Kathryn said...

This is hilarious! Mr. Glory! What a surprise. I can't wait to tell the boys!