Monday, May 20, 2013

The Garden

So here are some pics from our gigantic garden.  It is really overwhelming how big it is, and because it is so big, I was very ambitious with the amount of seeds I ordered.  Here is what is what we've got going on:

The grapes.  These are scuppernong.  I have no idea what to do with these!

                 Teeny tiny blueberry bush transplants from my parents' house.
Two different types of green beans, obviously climbers ;)

Pepper Plants

Tomato Plants...not sure how these guys are going to do.  I started them late, they grew slow and I was late putting them in the ground...only time will tell.  They seem very scrawny to me!

Zucchini and Squash, and Kennebec Potatoes in the row to the left.

The one and only surviving tomato plant that I grew from seed that my dad gave me. 
 It's a Cherokee Purple.

Sweet peas.  I was late getting them in the ground, so not sure how they will do since they like cooler weather.

Scarecrow!  And it works!

Sweet Corn (my two dinky rows...our neighbor planted two FULL rows of his own sweet corn in our garden for us).

Watermelon!  Just starting to pop up!
I'm just excited that the seeds we put in the ground are coming up and growing!  It's so exciting to watch!  Now if they'll just keep growing and produce something edible! :)


Karen said...

OH MY! Jealous! I dream of a garden like that!

Texas Longhorn ex said...

I am jealous to..looks great and I now know what you did with the
trailer of composted stuff

Love Dad

Angela said...

Thanks Karen! :)

The trailer of composted horse manure is dumped at the back of the garden and I am very slowly adding it around the vegetables (when the baby lets me get outside- LOL!) it's kind of just acting as a mulch...I haven't worked it into the dirt at all.

Sew said...

that is like a crop not a garden!

My Heart Exults said...

You have no idea how impressed I am! Wish I could get in on those tomatoes!!!