Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Embrace it and Rejoice! (Caroline is one month old!)

One month old!

So I visualized buying those adorable baby month stickers off of Etsy to use for little Caroline, and then I realized that she was a month old and I had not bought them. 

So Plan B:  Hire Isabel to make one for me!  As you see from above, she cut out a circle (sort of) ;) and put a number 1 on it, like I asked.  Then she proceeded to decorate it with animal stickers.  Hah!  Not what I had in mind, but probably more custom than I could get off etsy anyway! LOL!  :)

Mounted to the chair with a piece of scotch tape.  It doesn't get more homemade than that! ;)  I'm going to stick with the Isabel-for-hire plan for the remainder of Caroline's first year of monthly pictures...just precious to know that Big Sister was such an eager participant.

So Caroline is one month old already and whew....she is much tougher than the other two were at this age.  She is pretty content during the day...but once the sun starts to go down, I've got a different baby on my hands.  We are dealing with a pretty excessive crier on the PURPLE Period of Crying scale.  So you know, they don't call colic colic anymore.  It's now the PURPLE period of crying- you can google it... but basically it's an acronym to describe the crying that is a part of normal infant development, and not just "colic".

The good news and bad news too, I guess:  this too will pass.  I mean of course I want the nighttime crying to pass and I know it will, but I don't want to wish this time away either, because she is only this small for such a short period of time.  So right now at month one, I've decided to just try to embrace it.  Yes, embrace the crying at night.  Sure I need to trade off staying up to soothe and hush her with my husband....I'm not saying I can do it alone!  But instead of complaining about the crying and the lack of sleep, I'm going to try to rejoice!  Maybe I'm taking this a little too far, I mean can I really rejoice after a full day of kids and then the littlest one just begins her nighttime screamfest? 

I'm hoping to! 

Rejoicing in the fact that I have three little ones here! 
Rejoicing in the fact that she is healthy and CAN scream! 
Rejoicing that this is part of normal development for an infant! 
Rejoicing in those moments when I DO get to lay my own head down and sleep!
Rejoicing in that morning cup of coffee!
Rejoicing that I have a husband who will help me in the middle of the night!


Sew said...

That sweet little baby can't cry! No way!

It's a good thing we forget all that loveliness when they start sleeping in about 5 months! LOL ;)

Meredith said...

Good for you, embrace it and rejoice for sure!! and when you've had enough, go get Isabel up and have her take a shift ;)

Meredith said...

ok, after i left your blog i went to this one http://www.aholyexperience.com/ and you need to go there...NOW! it's perfect for your post, and yes, i cried thru the whole thing..