Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finally, right? Some house pics...

Yes, it's wayyyy overdue to show some pics of the house.  There are things I like, and things I don't. ;) 
There are a million projects!  It's like a renovation in every room!
So, the backyard.  I love it.  It's gorgeous.  It's just so out-in-the-country.  It's so much fun to discover all the different plants and flowers as they start to open up for the spring!

You can see the garden in the pic below:  wayyyy back there.
Our bedroom wall color:  I really like. It's just a putty gray.  However, there are nail holes that were patched up by the previous owner (which I won't show you because they look awful), but not repainted.  So we have these white putty patches all over the walls and are going to have to try to match the paint.  Hmmmm...

The tin ceiling in the kitchen.  Love this!   It just looks really "farmhouse rustic".

A view from the opposite side, looking back into the kitchen. 

I've painted the walls in here a gray color that sometimes looks a tad blue. I like it. It used to look like the picture green.  YIKES!

The awesome wallpaper that I've tried to hide with a massive kid's mural of family photos.
Giant sheet of brown packing paper + oil pastels + Isabel = hours of entertainment
Score, Mommy! ;)

Oh, and by awesome, I mean horrendous.
Piano room.  Oh, I mean, narrow-entry-from-the-front-door-in-which-we-stuck-a-piano.  And let me tell you why this works:  our front door is never used.  Well, except by unassuming strangers.  All of the parking is in the back of our house and there is not even a real pathway to the front door.  So I figured if it wasn't really going to be used as an entry, I should make it functional in some other way. This entry had a different sort of horrendous blue floral wallpaper on the lower half which we removed.  And by "we", I mainly mean Isabel and Ian.  They went to town pulling strips off.

Guest bath:  I'm working with what I've already got.  The bottom is a painted, textured wallpaper that was already there and I really liked it.  Just added an old stained glass window above the toilet.  And need to change out all the gold fixtures.

You can kind of see the textured wallpaper in this pic. 
This was before we changed out the wooden toilet seat....gross. 
Our house is really a mixture of things that have already been updated.  Like a few rooms have been updated with white moulding instead of the old brown stained stuff.  And the lady who lived here before us could not really decide and stick with one "theme"....for instance in our master bath, it was remodeled (well partly), but there is chrome, brushed nickel, crystal, clear glass, old 1970s bronze,  white, cream and hand-painted green and blue....all in one tiny space!!  It's kind of the same in the kitchen.  She did some nice updates, but couldn't pick which finish she really wanted, so I'm trying to figure out how to make the house a little more cohesive without breaking the budget and just buying all new fixtures, knobs, etc. 
So it's a work in progress, and with three little ones, a growing garden and the handful of chickens... I'm sure it will all take time!  But that's the fun of it, right? :)


Sew said...

Your kitchen is amazing! I love it! Painting wood trim without a sprayer is not worth the time or effort...We learned the first time around. LOL But it's so much work...The prep...Oh kill me. I'm shaking. :)

The tin on the ceiling is great! Yes, the spiral crap makes me crazy, but I'm ignoring it. LOL

My girlfriend said to me when I was overhwhelmed (understatement) about the work that is involved in this house...How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. And somehow I am able to tackle this crude. LOL It's hard...But I'm finding my kids are doing great being so self sufficient! LMBO

Sew said...

Oh and I almost thought about putting paintable wallpaper up after I was scraping off two sheets of wallapaper in our kitchen...The walls are ruined in some areas...Ugh...I love the paintable wallpaper!

Abdul Jackson said...

I think “finally” is the word every house hunter has been wanting to say. I'm happy you're done with it. Sure it was an adventure looking for the right house, but renovations would always be the most fun part; making the house feel like your own more than the ownership the papers contain. :)