Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Quick Takes

1.  I'm going longer and longer between posts these days....I'm sure you've noticed! ;)  Not sure if it is just the addition of Ian and less time on my hands, or if I've got less to say these days.  Sometimes I wonder if I should keep this blog going if there's not much to say, but then I am reminded that people discover things when God wants them to....and Mary Grace's story still has relevance for those who are struggling with pregnancy loss, even if I am not currently in that same struggle.

2.  I put Ian on the scale yesterday and he was 15 1/2 pounds!  YAY!  I am just thrilled that he is gaining weight on this high-cal stuff!  The fact that he is gaining outweighs the frustration and sadness I have that I am not exclusively breastfeeding. 

3.  Homeschooling is going well this year and through it, and a book that my mom recommended:  The Way They Learn I am learning to approach her in different ways, and recognize that she has a particular way of learning that may in fact be different from the way I learn!!! (How novel!)  It has been really useful.  Isabel really likes to do things right the first time, even though she may not know how!  So when things aren't perfect the first time she is easily frustrated.  And it doesn't help for me to get frustrated about that.  (I should have already known that, right?)  But I've found the different ways to work through it and help her to persevere! 

4.  I'm pretty sure I ovulated.  More on that in another post...

5.  I'm very excited about eating Thanksgiving dinner.  :)

6.  I found a nativity felt board on Etsy that I am just so thrilled about!  It comes with a pregnant Mary and a "delivered" Mary, and you can put baby Jesus in and out of the crib.  These things may seem trivial, but they are going to be so "big" for Isabel!  I can't wait for it to arrive.

7.  Speaking of being "delivered", there is an abundance of new babies around here!  Several friends have had their babies in the last couple of weeks and I'm so happy for them!  Praise God for safe and healthy deliveries, mommas and babies!

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Anonymous said...

I am not homeschooling but I would love to know how to make a child presevere who is a perfectionist. My son won't even let me show him how to write his name because he says he can't and runs away. Whenever he tries anything that isn't right the first time he cries or gets angry in frustration.