Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7 Month Weight Check

Yesterday I took Ian for his 7 month weight check.  He has now been on the high calorie breastmilk and high calorie formula for one month, and he gained 11 1/2 oz over the last month!  At 6 months he was 14lbs 7 oz and yesterday he weighed 15lbs 2.5 oz!  So the high cal stuff is working!

What has not been working is what I suspect to be reflux.  Ian does not spit up really, but over the last month he has started waking multiple times at night, sometimes screaming in pain.  With the screaming in pain, I've noticed a wet, gurgling noise in his throat.  For three days he had really terrible breath, which I thought might be related, but at the time he also had a cold, so I thought it could also be drainage.  But what really made me suspect reflux was the way the child takes a bottle.  Sitting straight up with his head tilted back....it looks ridiculous, but he got to the point where he would no longer take a bottle cradled in your arms (like a normal baby!).... the other alternative position was on the floor, but he would still sort of turn on his side and arch his back. 

So yesterday, the doc put him on Zan.tac.  It did not go over well.  The first dose he vomited everything in his tiny little stomach.  The second dose we tried giving in food...did not really work.  The third dose in one ounce of freshly pumped breastmilk.  Nope.  So I added 2 more ounces of milk, nope.  Wouldn't touch it.  Wasted breast milk.  I was pretty upset at this point.  The doctor has prescribed awful tasting medicine (oh....wait, I didn't mention that we took it back to Target and they flavored the already menthol **think worse than peptobis.mol** medicine with grape....yeah, he still hates it.), my baby won't take the medicine, and now thinks any bottle coming his way is of the devil. 


And then my husband shoves my devotional at me, and I read it. 

"Take all sufferings today and offer them to God in thanksgiving for the many blessings you have received."


Waiting on a call back from the triage nurse to either give me some new tips...or a new prescription.


Sew said...

Is that an intolerance he has to the formula or something? That sounds awful, but that devotional needed to be shoved in my face yesterday! Be thankful for your husband! I might need to print that out!

Angela said...

I think it is just acid reflux...he does it with both breastmilk and formula, unfortunately.

Karen said...

The bad breath definitely makes me think reflux especially if he does it with breast milk too. Poor baby. Hopefully you can get some meds for him that he won't throw up.

House of Collinsworth said...

Funny...Ella was also 14lbs, 7oz. at her 6 month appointment! Not sure what she is now!