Friday, March 18, 2011

Quick Takes Friday

Wow...Friday again??  Where is the time going??

1.  First, Rob is doing quite a bit better....I think yesterday (Day 8 since surgery) he started to turn a corner!  Which is really good since his meds are starting to run out!  He was up quite a bit yesterday, and talked more than I've heard him talk in the last week!  He even was able to eat a little bit of pad thai!!  Go baby! :)

2.  Today is Rob's birthday!  Happy 31st Birthday, Sweetie!  Now we are on our way to 40!  Okay...well, 35! ;)

3.  I made a cheesecake for his birthday (thought it might be soft enough for him to have a few bites and it looks beautiful!  I'm super excited about it!  Maybe I will post a pic tonight once it's all chilled and birthday-ready with a candle!  I hope it's delicious!  I happen to LOVE cheesecake....who's birthday is it again?

4.  I am sooooooo ready for this baby to come out.  The newest thing going on with me is a sharp, searing hot pain in my right hip when I cough....lovely.  And sometimes when I'm just sitting or standing around.  Maybe I could cough the baby out....hmm....I'll have to try this!

5.  My brother and his girlfriend brought me dinner last night (sooooo sweet!)....I chose sushi.  Really good sushi.  Yes, I know I shouldn't be eating raw fish when I'm was a roll and I think it had eel in it.  And it was delicious...I do not feel guilty.  It was so nice not to have to make dinner!!!  Thanks Matt and Cassie!

6.  The weather is GORGEOUS today....the high is supposed to be in the low 80s!!!!!!!  I've been trying to do a little re-landscaping outside to put me into labor ;)  And I'll have to get back out today and do some more! 

7.  This morning has been soooo productive!  I'm really into productivity!  I got up and showered, made coffee, made 2 batches of homemade potato soup  (1 for us for dinner and 1 to take to a family who just had a baby), then I simultaneously made birthday pancakes for Rob as well as started the cheesecake!!!  Oh wait, and I forgot that I made a chocolate pudding pie for the family who just had a baby, as well!  Busy, busy, busy!  But feels so good to get all that done and now I've got the rest of the afternoon free until I need to deliver the dinner tonight!  Go me!  Maybe all this action coupled with the supermoon tomorrow night will do the trick!


Karen said...

I'm with you! It's time for these babies to come out! I have walked about 3 miles a night the last 3 nights. Not to mention I'm still bouncing on my ball to the tune of "Get out! Get Out! Get Out!" I always end it with "Mama loves you Mary-Grace but it's time to come out." :)

Can you package up all that food and send it to me? Sounds wonderful!

Um...and where did you get all the energy to make all of that?

Oh, and one more thing. I think a little sushi is just fine as long as it comes from a reputable place. :) I had a medium rare steak the other day and didn't feel guilty. Not one bit! :)

Nicole C said...

Yeah, I totally cheated on the "no raw fish" rule when I was preggo! I tried to get only the crab, shrimp, or eel sushi, but if I'm being totally honest I'm sure I cut corners every once in awhile! :) It's sushi. What can you do?

Happy bday to Rob!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

I am jealous of your cheesecake, your sushi and your 80 degree weather!! Haha. But I'm glad your hubby is doing well. And your baby will be here before you know it!