Monday, December 6, 2010

Prayer Buddy, I have a request! *UPDATED!*

This sounds silly, but to me it is just devastating...tragic (okay so I'm a little dramatic over this)!

I've lost my Christmas CDs!!!!!!!!!!   

Yes, my entire collection of Christmas cds...the whole case....just gone.

So prayer buddy, if you could ask St. Anthony for his intercession, I would really appreciate it!

I've searched the entire house, the car, the garage....even called work to ask them to search there.

I have had pregnancy brain really bad this go round, but I really have no idea where these cds could be.

Thanks for the prayers!

UPDATED 12/8!!!  Prayer Buddy, you are good!!!  My husband found my cds this morning in our garage.  Not sure how they got there...maybe they slipped out of something, but I really can't believe that's where they were!  Anyway I was SOOOOOOOOOO excited to have them back!  Thanks for the prayers! :)


Christina @ Faith for Fertility said...

OH no! I hope you find them!

More Than Anything said...

Oh man! Hopefully you'll find them soon!