Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello December!

I went to confession last Saturday to jump-start my Advent and it has really helped to set me out on the right foot and to get my attitude more in line with the season.  My priest basically said the same thing that I've already been told!  "We all have dry times" and "You are being a little too hard on yourself" (in regards to my prayer life seeming to be lacking). 

He recommended that I use "less words" when I pray. 

I don't know what happens in the confessional, but I just start rambling sometimes (maybe trying to over-explain things) and as I was doing this, I could see in his eyes (I go face-to-face) that he was thinking, "Woah there, slowwww down." 

So now that I have a cleansed and renewed heart and soul, I really do feel refreshed and eager to prepare for Jesus! 

My Advent plans include:

*Advent Prayer Buddies:  I'm so happy to be able to pray for my assigned prayer buddy this season! 
*Advent Special Intention:  I'm praying for God to work some special blessings, and know that He alone can move hearts toward His will.
*Advent Prayer Tree:  This is a tradition that I grew up with as a child and have continued it since we have had Isabel.  I take a small Christmas tree and print out names of friends, family and other special people; tie them up with some red ribbon and we pick one scroll off the tree at dinner to pray for as a family.  I love that this teaches Isabel that during Advent we can do little things (like offer our prayers for other people), and that can help prepare our own heart for Jesus' birth!

*Decorating!  Okay so everyone does this, but I LOVE putting out all of our Christmas decor...and playing the Christmas music that goes along with it!  It feels so "right" to have the house decorated for Christmas.  All the work that goes into decorating reminds me that it is so worth the time and effort!  We are decorating for the coming of our Lord and Savior!  What a beautiful thing!  I think we're getting our Christmas tree on Thursday....can't wait!
*Teaching!...My little one that is, about the beauty and wonder of preparing our hearts and waiting with eager hope for Jesus!   Who knew that I would love homeschooling and watching her learn and grow so much??  My lesson plans for the next four weeks all revolve around Advent...I'm super excited about the laminated, traceable seasonal vocab words I made for her today (she is big into tracing her letters and probably loves dry erase markers a little too much). 

I mean, seriously, who wouldn't love to teach her?

I'm looking forward to it all, and hoping that in it all I can draw closer to God and better appreciate the reality of Christ our King, born to us as a little child. 

And for the pregnancy update:  

Here's my 21 1/2 week belly shot. 

I had an OBGYN appointment on the 11/29 and had gained *gasp* 8lbs in the last 4 weeks!  Okay, so that may be shocking to you, and while I was a little surprised it was that much, I wasn't very concerned.... I saw a new doc who was a little shocked and who clearly had no idea how much I gained with Isabel!  LOL!  Overall being up 15lbs from the beginning of my pregnancy is SUPER good in my opinion! ;) 

We are no closer to a name...in fact, it's become more of a game/battle between Rob and I to even discuss names.  So you are still in suspense, as we are! ;)


Meredith said...

ok, i love the tree w/ the scrolls, such a great idea!!! and the pic of Iz is precious. and you are glowing friend!

Jo Shabo said...

Love reading your posts! Your daughter is just beautiful! I have a daughter that is almost 4 (and another that is 2) and I am due with Baby Girl #3 around the same time as you are. I am 21 weeks too!
Happy Advent!

Second Chances said...

I love the advent tree too! Such a great way to be prayerful during this season and to teach our kids that too. Great idea! We just happen to have a little tree...hmm...looks like I'll be busy rolling paper tonight!

And your little girl is absolutely beautiful! So are you, I can see where she gets it!

My Heart Exults... said...

I love the Advent Prayer Tree idea! I will definately have to do that. And you look great. I agree, 15 pounds is great news!!!

Karen said...

I love the tree idea! I'm so stealing this idea!

I too live are house all decorated for Christmas. It helps get me ready. Especially living in Florida where we tend to have rather warm (read ridiculously hot) temps.

Your picture is so cute! I think 15 lbs is fine! My doctors would be having a cow but they seem to be a little nuts when it comes to pregnancy weight. They actually told me that they don't believe women need to gain much. 20-25 max. Bahahaha! You would think they were new at this. Just about every pregnant woman I know has gained more than that.

Karen said...

Oh, and Isabel is so beautiful!

WheelbarrowRider said...

What beautiful pics of both of you! I am just stopping by quickly to reply to your comment-yes, def point it down! And the nurse told me with Charlie to always look under their little sac (not so little when born, but you know it is all so swollen!) because that is where the poo hides. She was so right! Sorry for my borderline "gross" boy specific tips, but what can I say? It is all about pee and poop in my world right now :) You will do great!

My Chocolate Heart said...

Yeah, I'm stealing the Advent Prayer tree idea, too! I love it! Thanks for sharing.
You look fabulous! And Isabel is darling in that little red dress -- way too cute!! Have a blessed Advent, dear lady.