Saturday, December 18, 2010

My first "Quick Takes" one day late!

 1.  Isabel discovered one of her Christmas presents about 5 days ago.  In DH's office closet.  It is an art easel which he had not covered (!!!) and she went in to look for something, came out and said nothing.  Yesterday she finally comes up to me with a somber face and says, "Mommy, I think I've ruined my Christmas surprise!" and about bursts into tears!  Poor thing!  I told her that since her cousins are coming for Christmas, that the easel may not in fact be for her and even though she accidentally saw it she will just have to wait to check the tag on Christmas morning to see if it is really a present for her!  Bless her heart.

2.  DH is deer hunting.  This is the 3rd or 4th trip to hunt this season and likely the last (since deer hunting ends Dec. 31st), and he has not gotten anything!  There hasn't even been a deer sighting any time he's gone!  It's been very frustrating for all of us.  Surprising fact, but last year he shot 3 deer and we basically ate deer meat (over ground beef) for the entire year...I've learned alot about cooking deer in the last year ;)  Most important in my book of deer meat tips:  don't eat the bucks!  Wayyyy too gamey!

3.  I was just amazed last night at a Cyber Baby Shower I attended for Sew Infertile!  First, she and her baby are gorgeous.  Her family is just the cutest!  TCIE who organized it all is simply amazing for coordinating everything!  It was so fun to see and hear other bloggers whom I read regularly!  I was just overall very impressed!   Who knew a cyber shower could be so much fun??

4.  We're possibly going to get a little bit of snow tonight (a little bit like an inch)...but I LOVE the winter weather, so I will take any I can get!  They had snow showers in the forecast for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but have now taken them out :(  So bummed.  Really, I'm an inclement weather junkie.  Snow storms, thunderstorms, all fascinates me!  I never wish for destruction or damage obviously, but I'm just fascinated by how intense weather can be sometimes.

5.  Isabel came down with a fever (102.0) Thursday, the day before we were supposed to go to our first ARCH (Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers) activity which was a craft-making fair.  To say I was disappointed was an understatement.  I have not made any Catholic homeschooling friends yet and we are halfway through our first year of homeschooling!  I've got to get on the ball!  And I'm worried that once new baby gets here it will significantly decrease my ability/desire to get out and do more activities like this.

6.  Our cat, Kee Kee is always a pest around Christmas time.  He consistently drinks (all) the water from under our Christmas tree and if we happen to leave a wrapped present under the tree, he unwraps it (or does his best) in the middle of the night.  Oh, not to mention all the ornaments he bats off during the night.  *sigh*  If  Kee Kee is my biggest battle this Christmas, I'm doing pretty good ;)

7.  I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve Mass.  I LOVE it.  I love that the sanctuary is decorated with poinsettias and Christmas trees.  I love the joyful music!  I love that the anticipation of Christ being born is finally ready to be fulfilled!  I love the warmth and love of family (who normally wouldn't attend) going with us to Mass...the way it should be.  I love especially that I am pregnant during Christmas (I'll be almost 26 weeks then) makes it more real to think of Mary carrying baby Jesus in her womb.  Although it is rather crazy to realize that I've been pregnant 4 out of the 8 Christmases that DH and I have been married...I'm so excited that this time I feel like I'm at a place where I can truly enjoy and bask in the excitement and wonder of being pregnant with a baby we hope to be able to keep!  Thank you God!


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

1-bless her little heart. she sounds like a sensitive soul :)

polkadot said...

Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog! I grew up on venison, so I know what you mean about the bucks. The hunters in my family all wanted the large antlers for bragging rights, but that meant the meat was much tougher. ;P

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so glad you can celebrate with joy and hope this year. :)

Sarah said...

Angela - thanks for visiting my blog! Poor Isabel! I can imagine how bad she felt. That sounds like a great way to handle that situation. Kee Kee sounds extra, um, entertaining haha. Congratulations on your pregnancy!