Sunday, August 15, 2010

I've Been Praying For................

My Heart Exults during the summer prayer buddies session!  I have been so honored to pray for her!!!  Her blog has truly blessed my heart!

I had not known of her blog before getting matched as her prayer buddy, so as soon as I got my assignment, I raced over and read through her entire blog!  And I was just so overwhelmed by the match!

Our wedding anniversaries are just a week apart (not the year, but the day).

We have the same cat....okay well I thought they were sort of similar looking ;)

            ( HER CAT )                                                                

  ( MY CAT )

We both hate Las Vegas!....okay well I haven't really ever been there and hate is a strong word, but I don't think that I would enjoy it.  I've just never had an interest in going.

She went to see Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck on tour...DH and I watch Glenn Beck's our daily DVR date every night.

I was just so excited to begin praying for her!  On every new post I would want to comment, but I couldn't even add myself as a follower because I thought she would suspect I was her prayer buddy!  So I've been secretly reading, leaving comments in my head (yeah, I know that was no help), and secretly storming heaven for you, prayer buddy!! 

She and her husband are just the cutest couple!  And she got to take an amazing pilgrimage to the Holy Land at the very beginning of the summer prayer buddy session!   If you have not been there, please head on over and check out her blog!


My Heart Exults... said...

I am soo excited that it was YOU that was praying for me...Lord knows I need it! And your gift was amazing! I can't wait to post about the irony in it...thank you very much. And then to see that you're pregnant...Wow! Count me in as a new and improved (thanks to your help) prayer warrior for you! God Bless You and your incredible family!

Ann G. said...

Angela, This may have little to do with this post but I used to dvr Glenn every night until we got rid of cable. Now it's radio only. Monday should be an interesting one.

I'm going to check out your prayer buddy's site next. Have a great Sunday and Feast of the Assumption. Which, by the way, I heard in our homily today (delivered by a young deacon finishing his last year in seminary) is a feast of hope. He said as we know Mary was assumed into heaven we have the hope that we will someday follow. Angela-you have continued to hope even in sadness. Now enjoy the gift of that hope.

Joseph's Mommy said...

Hi Angela,

I have been your prayer buddy this time around. I was amazed to read, but not surprised, that you got pregnant. Somehow I got a feeling when I was beginning a novena to St. Anne that you were in very early stages of pregnancy, so my intentions changed more towards a successful pregnancy with a child to hold in your arms and bless your life for years to come. I will continue to say prayers for you. It was a joy getting to know your story. Thank you for sharing!


lavatea said...

How do I get a prayer buddy?