Saturday, May 22, 2010

How can I give thanks to God for this?

A few days ago I saw this short (13 minute) video by Mark Mallett.  I don't know if any of you are familiar with him, he is a Canadian singer-songwriter and Catholic evangelist...and when he speaks, I find it profoundly moving.

So I thought I would share this video with you because after reading and really reflecting on this post by TCIE, (I just loved that post, TCIE!) I saw this video and just thought that it really related to my struggle with losing babies and not being able to bring home a second child.  And sometimes I think, "How can I give thanks to God for this?"  And "this" can be many things.

Yesterday, for our family, it was this:

A rock through the sliding glass door; kicked up by the lawnmower.  :(   Luckily it only went through the one pane of glass instead of both panes, so thankfully there was no glass inside the house (Thanks, God!).

Well, that, coupled with my husband's blown out tire as he was exiting the highway, oh and the cat throwing up on our bed...but the cat throwing up is more of a "common occurrence" in our household....those were our crosses (albeit light ones) yesterday. 

My trying to conceive journey however, is a heavy cross, but Mark exhorts us to give thanks to the Lord even when we are bearing the cross through our own suffering.  We cannot forget God's blessings!  This video will give you encouragement in whatever suffering situation you are going through...not just an infertility journey! 

Click here to watch Mark Mallett's latest video. 

I hope you get as much out of it as I did! :)


Leila said...

Wow, that is one scary picture!! Although it has it's own strange beauty... Great post!

Ann G. said...

I had the opportunity to attend the National Medjugorje Conference at the University of Notre Dame this Saturday. There was a large room that was being used as an Adoration Chapel throughout the weekend. I said a special prayer for you and added a petition for you to the box of petitions that was kept in the Adoration Chapel for the length of the conference.
And as a side note: As a cat owner, why can't they ever puke on tile or wood floors instead of carpets and beds?

Angela said...

Leila: the shattered glass is kind of amazing, isn't it?? This was my first experience with a door shattering in front of me and it actually took over an hour for all those glass fragments to shatter like that! It didn't just shatter like that all at once. It sounded like sleet hitting a roof!

Ann: You are not going to believe this, but my mom and I listened to that conference streaming live!!! I absolutely cannot believe you were there and prayed for me! Thank you so much! I really wanted to see Ivanka speak, but they did not show it over the internet...they put up previously recorded segments of other stuff. :( I was so disappointed! She did show up and talk, didn't she? Wow! That is just definitely God working! How cool! :)

Ann G. said...

Wow! Really, what are the chances of you knowing about the conference let alone knowing you could stream it? And then to have someone there who knew your cross to pray for you?!!!!!
God is working powerfully, mighty powerfully. I actually feel in awe, which of course I should always feel that way about our Lord.
Ivanka did speak but through an interpreter. She did not want to be on the big screen that all the other speakers were shown on so the crowd could see them better. Ivanka wanted us to listen to her words instead of focusing on her. What a humble woman.