Friday, March 19, 2010

While we're waiting....update!

It's good news!  Rob's bloodwork was normal too! 

So, two normal people who can't seem to have another baby....not sure what to make of it.  But I will take the fact that everything came back normal as good news!

Thanks for all the prayers! :)  And thank you St. Joseph (on your feast day)! 

Just wanted to send an update and will post again soon.  Have a beautiful weekend!


Ann G. said...

I'm glad to your husband's tests turned out well. I was reading my diocesan newspaper today and a quote stuck with me: God's timing is always perfect.

God bless you!

StumblingServant said...

St. Joseph is good man! Glad everything turned out ok.

Kathleen's Catholic said...

I think St. Joseph is the greatest of all earthly fathers. Keep praying to him, Angela. He can give you strength and wisdom during this trying time. He's been very helpful to me and my husband during some tough years.