Wednesday, March 17, 2010

While we're waiting...

Back in December I went to my OB to request a recurrent miscarriage bloodwork panel.  Rob and I both had to have blood drawn, although we did it separately (within about 3 weeks of each other actually!) and in early January I got the news that my results had come back completely normal.  There were no chromosomal issues on my side or blood clotting issues, etc. 

Well I kind of assumed that they would call me back when Rob's results came in.  And they never did! 

Yes, it is now mid-March!  I had been putting off calling, and then forgetting to call them to see what was going on, but today I remembered!

It turns out that my OB never got Rob's bloodwork results because of a hospital lab error.  Luckily the lab still had the results, so Rob thankfully did not have to have blood re-drawn!

Today they finally got the results faxed over to my doctor, but he was already out of the office for the day, and you know that the nurses won't decipher anything without the doctor's approval. 

So we wait....and maybe tomorrow will bring us some new news....or maybe the blood results will be normal. 

As Saint Pio is famous for having said, "Pray, hope and don't worry...Worry is useless.  God is merciful and will hear your prayer."  And isn't that so true?  Alot of times we only praise God when things are going our way....instead we worry and have anxiety over things, or we think that God has not heard our prayer, but God is so merciful and can use even the negative things in our life to open our hearts to Him.

Praise You, God, every moment of every day, and even in our most difficult moments; that we might turn to You and bless your holy name!

And in great thanksgiving for the birth of our friends' baby boy yesterday, and that mother and baby are healthy!  And for all newly expectant mothers that their pregnancy and babies would be healthy and blessed!  Lord hear our prayer!


Michelle said...

Great quote from St Pio! I hope everything turns out well- I will definitely check back!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is St. Joseph's feast day. Fitting, don't you think?! My fiance and I are finishing our novena tonight, we'll be sure to add you in our intentions. St. Joseph has been our rock solid prayer warrior. :) I can confidently say that he is the reason my future-husband and I made it, quite litterally. :)

May you have the strength and understanding for God's will, and may God's will be shown to you! :)

P.S. I LOVE "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller. :)

Molly said...

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We’d love to have you join the fun and share your stories. I’m sure that you have some real gems!
In Christ,