Tuesday, May 30, 2017

One Post a Month: April

Let's get caught up! April was busy.  3 birthdays and a traumatic goat delivery.

First off, Caroline turned 4.  She wanted to go to "Old McDonald's" for her birthday... because it has a playground. Apparently our kids are Happy Meal and playground deprived.

The very next day was Ian's birthday. He turned 6. His request was to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings (because they have gamepads to play video games while you wait for your food)... again, deprived! LOL!

At some point in the middle of the month our last goat was due to kid and she had a terrible delivery with tangled kids trying to come out with the wrong presentations... it was a mess. But in the end, everyone survived and today mom, Doeling and buckling are all thriving!

At the end of April we had Isabel's 11th birthday!!  She chose to go to a cupcake bakery and we all chose a different cupcake. They were amazing.

Somewhere in April there was also Easter.  We tried to take pictures after Mass by that was a joke.

And I think that about sums it up. 😉

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