Sunday, March 26, 2017

One Post a Month: March

Phew....I'm sneaking March's post in a few days early.  I feel like our family has been hit by the plague this year...a plague of sickness.  After all but one of us caught norovirus at the beginning of March (I think it was March? All this sickness is running together), now Caroline (3) has the flu....and what appears to be pink eye.  Poor kid.  We cannot catch a break.  I used to read peoples' posts on facebook and think, "Wow....their family is always sick!"  And now, well, I am that family!  Sadly it has caused us to miss quite a few days of co-op this year, which has been super frustrating.

In more positive news, we celebrated Rob's birthday with a surprise for the kids!  You can watch the video below and see for yourself!

This past week, the only goat due this month successfully had twins all by herself!  I was checking her every hour....or sending a child to check her.  After the last report, I thought, "Ok, I'll go out to the barn and check on her in an hour."  Of course with four kids, I got distracted and got out there probably 10 minutes after she had finished kidding.  A buckling and a doeling.  They are doing great.

Baby Goats
New Baby on the Way

I think we've covered all of March in those 3 topics!

I've been feeling quite sick with this baby and had to cancel a trip to see dear friends who we were supposed to meet in Asheville.  :(  That was a disappointment.  I am looking forward to feeling better, having an appetite and getting rid of the queasiness.


Billie Jo said...

So happy for you all. : )

K said...

Wow, so excited to read this!!!!! Congratulations to the whole family!!!!!
...and Sorry for all of the illnesses....
Miss y'all! Love, Kate

Unknown said...

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