Friday, January 24, 2014

11 1/2 week update

At this OB appointment I was down 3lbs, had been feeling more queasy this past week after thinking that I had turned a corner in that department, so  I guess I had been eating less.  And my blood pressure was higher...sort of.  It was 152/ just the top number was higher than last week's.  They always take my blood pressure with a "small" cuff, so the doctor was debating whether he wanted to put me on blood pressure medicine and decided to take my blood pressure with a "regular" size cuff.  Well with the regular cuff my BP is in the 130s over fairly least much better.  Based on that reading he decided to wait on the meds.  I think he expects my BP to continue to fall since BP naturally increases in first trimester, then decreases in the second trimester, and then rises again in the third.  He's thinking why put her on meds if it is going to come down soon anyway.

I had two really strange dizzy episodes this past week...but isn't dizziness a sign of low blood pressure?  Who knows....this pregnancy is just very strange and unpredictable so far.

Baby's heart rate was good yesterday, so doc says that he or she is tolerating whatever bounces my BP is having.

I have to do the 24 hour urine collection on Sunday though and take it in on Monday.  Then I have my first trimester screening on Thursday, and then go back the following week for another blood pressure check.   OB said he would be seeing a lot of me this pregnancy.  He also drew blood to check my thyroid levels yesterday.

So, there is that.  And then there is the problem that I have with peeing.  Yep, I'm just going to come out and talk about it.  It's happened in 2 of my other pregnancies- one pregnancy was so bad that I ended up having to self-catheterize....that was miserable.  So I have this tilted uterus that is so tipped back that somehow it pinches off my ability to completely empty my bladder.  It's worse the more full my bladder is....which leaves me no choice but to go and use the bathroom every hour or more.  Well today it is at the point where it almost feels like I could be starting to get a bladder infection... I'm waiting to see what's going on.  It's not comfortable and we are missing co-op today because of me and my inability to pee.  Yep....try to explain that to the kids.  :( 

Along with all of this, I am super irritable.  Again, not so much fun for the kids, but I feel kind of jittery, shaky and irritable.  I have been snapping so much at the kids's terrible.  I find myself realizing it too late, and then feeling awful and apologizing for my moodiness.  I just can't wait to mellow out.

In the midst of all this yesterday, one of my friends completed her miscarriage and was in a lot of suffering.  She is recovering today, but if you could lift her up in prayer I know that it would be most appreciated.  I am so heartbroken for their family.

And a second prayer request for an internet friend who had surgery yesterday with Dr. Hilgers.  Please pray for her recovery and for good results.

Update:  Results from thyroid test came back as having low TSH, but normal Free T3 and T4.   Have no clue what that means.  He is having me repeat thyroid bloodwork in a month.


Sew said...

Call back and get the levels and I'll interpret for you!

Sew said...


Free T3
Free T4

Meredith said...

thanks for the prayer request friend. praying things start to normal out with you and for that sweet baby to keep growing strong and healthy!

The Will Of God In All Things said...

My Surgery went ok on Jan 23rd. It was a laparoscopy with the 2 small incisions. They found lots of endo, too much to laser, so they've scheduled me for the robotic surgery in March to remove the endo. Sigh. Completed my follicular ultrasounds while I was up in Omaha last week, (I ovulated too early, 1.7cm instead of the 2cm normal). They said it's a hormone issue. I also started the hormone profile. Am back home now and will be finishing up my bloodwork here next week. Am bummed about the 2nd surgery, but feeling blessed to be able to have the surgery up in Omaha (we only live 2 hours south)Thanks again everyone for the prayers.