Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sleep training: Update after Night One!

Well, I'm baffled.  Here is a recap of last night:

6:30pm put C into the pack and play after a bedtime routine including bath and nursing.

She fell right complaining. 

8:00pm put Ian to bed in his crib in the same room.  He was quiet!!!  He fell asleep around 8:20.

9:10pm  She woke up and I nursed her in their  bedroom, so as not to stimulate her with lights and sounds of the living room.  She fell back asleep nursing and I put her back in the pack and play.

9:30pm  She woke up and cried for a little while, but not a hysterical cry....just kind of fussy.  I went back in and held her for a minute and laid her back down and she fell back to sleep after fussing for a few more minutes.

12:10am She woke up and nursed, went right back to sleep.

1:00-2:00am  She was talking and fussing and crying during this hour.  It woke up Ian, so I took him out of his crib and he laid down in our bedroom with me while Rob let C fuss it out a little bit and then she fell back to sleep on her own.

4:55am  C woke up and I fed her and then she went back to sleep on her own.

7:14am  Ian woke up and was whispering from his crib for Mommy to get him up!  WHISPERING!  I can't believe it!

8:30am C FINALLY wakes up.....that's 14 hours.  I know, she wasn't sleeping the entire 14 hours, but this is much better than any sort of system we have had up until this point.

So overall, we had to get up to do something with her (feed, comfort, etc.) 5 different times and this is so much better than I was expecting.  I think she was really yearning for some good sleep in her own space.  She didn't ever really cry it out, and I fed her when I felt like she was hungry.  I'm not trying to get her to not eat at night....I'm happy to feed her if she is hungry.  This was really just an attempt to get her to sleep in her own room in the pack and play, and it was a success in my opinion!

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