Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Papal Mail: A letter from..........

...........the Pope! 

Yes, that is what came in the mail to Isabel on Monday.  Back in April we had mailed a letter, handwritten by Isabel to Pope Francis, congratulating him on becoming the new pope.  Isabel drew a picture for him, I looked up "how to send a letter to the Pope" on the internet, and we stuck it in the mail.

I had no idea we'd get a response!

Now, in all fairness, this letter is from Monsignor Peter B. Wells, Assessor of General Affairs in the Vatican's Office of Secretary of State. 

It reads:

"His Holiness Pope Francis was pleased to receive your kind letter and he has asked me to thank you.  The Holy Father will remember you and your family in his prayers.  He invokes upon you God's abundant blessings."

But how cool is that??  Officially Vatican mail sent through the Apostolic Nunciature to my own little Isabel!  She was just thrilled.  It included a picture of Pope Francis with his name and the date of his election.

Now this letter arrived on Monday, the first day that Isabel attended the vacation bible school program at our church, Totus Tuus.  Totus Tuus is a uniquely Catholic summer religious education program that includes catechetical instruction, daily Mass, songs, games, and recess.  They bring their lunch and are there from 9am-2:30pm for 5 days.  And that first day, I prayed that she would be blessed this week and that Jesus would make a special place in her heart for Him.  And when she got home that first afternoon, this letter was in the mail (!!!) and she also raved about Totus Tuus.

What a cool blessing!  To think that my prayer for her that day would coincide with a letter that says that the Holy Father is also praying for her!  And that he invokes upon her God's abundant blessings???  WOW....I was blown away.  God is so cool.

She tucked it away in her spiritual keepsakes box that she made at Little Flowers Girls' Club.

And I tucked away the entire experience in my heart.


The Cypress Shall Grow said...

This is wonderful! what a special blessing.

Tara Brelinsky said...

That is awesome. What a memory to cherish.

Leonardo de Morais said...
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Leonardo de Morais said...

Hi Angela, I'm Leonardo de Morais, from Brazil.
I'm catechist in Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel (Capela Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz, a community in the suburb of São Paulo city), and I wrote a letter to Pope telling him about our catechesis works with our dear children here. And for my surprise too, I received a letter from him (the Pope), like Isabel's one. It was an unbelievable sensation that I've never felt before, it was really, really, amazing.
I don’t know what’s your opinion, but for me, the responsibilities have been increased with this letter and his blessing, don’t you think?
Lastly, I’m glad to meet your blog.
Best Regards,