Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes #16

1.  I took the kids....yes, all three kids to our old neighborhood pool for a pool playdate today. 
ALL BY MY SELF!  Go me!  Everyone survived, although there was a bit of drama with Ian since we have potty trained him and this was really his first time in the pool since that, he was at first VERY unhappy that a swimsuit gets wet.  There was some screaming and crying, but eventually he got the hang of it and realized that the pool is like a big bathtub in which you only wear shorts.
2.  I got Isabel's 2nd grade homeschool curriculum today and I was just overcome with the blessing that homeschooling is, but the blessing too that Catholic Heritage Curricula provides in their materials.  And no, I was not paid to say that!  It is just such a gift to be able to use these materials to teach my children the educational lessons they need to know WHILE incorporating our faith into it all!
3.  Oh, so Ian is potty trained.  I kind of jumped the gun there in quick take 1.  We didn't do any pull-ups.  Just went straight from cloth diapers to underwear.  And now, he is becoming so independent, so fast, he doesn't want any help climbing up onto the big toilet (with the smaller potty seat that you put on a big toilet) and climb off the toilet ALL BY HIMSELF.  If he could just reach the handle to turn the water off and on to wash his hands, he would be able to do the entire toileting routine independently (well, except for wiping #2).  He gets one M&M as a reward.  And he has no fear of using a public restroom.  So excited it was just that easy.  I had in my head that potty training a boy was going to be a real challenge.
4.  I have 9-10 more pounds to lose before I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight!  And I've done nothing to lose it except breastfeed.  Awesome!  I lost 27lbs in the first 10 days after having Caroline, and then the last 13 were just hanging on for awhile, and now I've been slowly losing again. 
5.  We got a new dining room table and I am just in love with it.  We had a hand-me down for 10 years, and it was just time to get this piece.  Got a steal  great deal off craigslist.  It's just what I have been looking for....for, well years.  I'm hoping that this gorgeous table will motivate me to finish tearing off the wallpaper glue from the dining room and actually finishing it.

6.  Speaking of "years", Rob and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on July 11th!  I'm so blessed to have him as my husband!  We had a delicious steak dinner and some fine wine at our new table.
7.  I'm in a book study that just started to read The Examen Prayer by Timothy Gallagher, O.M.V.  It's a spiritual exercise in which you reflect on your day and prepare for the next using 5 steps that draw you into a closer relationship with the Lord.  I'm excited to get through it and start applying it to my own life!
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