Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ian's Baptism

Here are a couple pictures from Ian's baptism on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.  There were 5 babies total baptized that day.  I was so nervous that Ian would be screaming, but the deacon totally calmed my nerves when he said, "Now sometimes it makes parents anxious when their babies cry, but I love crying babies...do not worry!"  WHEW!  But I didn't need to worry anyway, because he slept through the entire thing!

Above is a picture of Isabel holding the baptism picture frame she created for Ian.  It's so cute...we talked about what she might put on it (I suggested a dove, cross, etc.) and she just took the ideas and ran with it!  There is Jesus on the very top (with black hair), two doves, two angels holding tablets (can't remember what she said they said), sheep, baby Jesus in a manger, and Mary and Joseph praying in front of Jesus in the tabernacle!  Love little kid creations!  How precious!


Rebecca @ The Road Home said...

Congratulations Ian!

Love the picture frame - that is amazing!

Nicole C said...

So precious!