Sunday, October 17, 2010

16 weeks

Each week keeps passing by and I can hardly believe that I'm still pregnant and things are going so well.

The movement that I "thought" was the baby, most definitely was!  And has been increasing in frequency and strength.  Yay!  Grow baby, grow!

Also, I was so blessed by my friend Amber, who offered to let me borrow her fetal heart doppler!  On those days where I've been too busy to notice any movement, I use it to reassure myself that he or she is still alive in there!  It is just wonderful.

I had a regular OB appointment Friday, the 15th and everything went well.  Although my doctor is of course strongly urging me to get the flu shot.  Now normally I have no problem with this except for all the stories I've read about women losing their pregnancies last year after receiving the H1N1 shot.  So this year, with it being a combined flu shot I have some reservations about getting it.  My OB was very persistent..."pregnant women are the highest risk category", "there is no statistical evidence to link the H1N1 vaccine to miscarriages or autism", "we had women in the hospital from this, women died!", "1 in 3 women miscarry anyway"....okay got it.  But I don't want to be one of the ones to miscarry!  So the dilemma is:  am I better protecting my baby by not getting the flu shot or by getting it??  Would LOVE to hear your comments on this...especially if you are pregnant- what did you do?

The rest of the appointment was fine..heard baby's heartbeat on doppler.  Doc is guessing it's a girl...just for the fun of guessing.  My anatomy ultrasound is scheduled for October 29th (JUST 2 WEEKS away!!!), so I can't wait to see if this baby is healthy and of course (hopefully) find out the gender!  I've gained 6 pounds in 6 weeks (which quite frankly I'm happy about seeing as it is the ONLY weight I've gained this far which had been making me nervous). 

It's strange to think that a year ago on October 15th, Rob and I attended an "October 15th" Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day service in Raleigh, as we remembered and mourned the loss of Mary Grace and our other babies.  And a year later I was celebrating the new life thriving in me, and celebrated our family and life in general by attending the NC State Fair.

Last update is that my last progesterone check was 44.2 at 14 weeks 2 days which is very good.  Dr. C has now bumped me down to just 100mg 2x/week instead of the 200mg 2x/week I was on.  

And yes, I'm overdue for a belly shot....I'll take one soon!  I promise!


Sew said...

I've never had the flu shot and I've never gotten the flu....I know it could be different this time, but I just don't see the use in getting it....I'm confused.

I'm not a stickler about vaccinations or anything but this seems like over kill.... IDK? Would love to hear other opinions.

WheelbarrowRider said...

I never got the flu shot until I had my son. I do it for him now, but never pregnant. The nurse told me it isn't logical, but studies show you can immunize your child through breast milk. Maybe that is too long for you to wait, but that is my plan. It seems safer to me that way.

Angela said...

Yes, I guess I should add too that we do all the regular vaccinations, like for our daughter. And I did have the regular flu shot when I was pregnant with her. My concern is strictly with this H1N1 combo shot...and receiving it while I am pregnant. Thanks for your comments...definitely interested on everyone's viewpoint on this.

Di-nah said...

I don't believe in the Flu shot and did not get it with my son while I was pregnant in 2008 also it was the first time I heard of Flu shots (funny right?) so I had never taken them before and my Gyno did not offer them while Preggo and I was pregnant around Flu Season October-July.

I would go with your gut and do what you think is best but in my opinion I would NEVER get it while pregnant there is no doctor that could make me do it once I said NO I mean no and no need to push or talk about it any longer.

When I took LO for his 12m my Pedi advised me to schedule him to get a FLU shot and I said I don't plan to and wont do the FLU shot EVER for him its enough he gets all the other shots why over kill it ? no need to.

Good Luck Angela.

Mary said...

This might sound selfish, but I was really excited to see your "special times" on October 15th, because that's my birthday! For some reason that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) probably because I've spent the past couple of days praying for expecting moms, moms who want to be expecting, etc ;)
I'm so happy for you guys, although I don't truly "know" you!

And I wouldn't get the flu shot either. I have health conditions that make me on the "high risk" list so my doctor always used to make me get one, and I usually have, but last year I still got swine flu after getting the flu I don't see the point! I probably won't get a shot this year!

Megan said...

Okay, I'm going to break with the crowd because I actually did get it both times I was pregnant. With Lucy, I felt strongly about it since she was born in September, and I knew that if I got the flu shot, she would have the immunities from birth. I looked at it as added protection in addition to nursing.

I'm really glad I did it because Avery actually got the flu in November, and Lucy, at 8 weeks old, wasn't affected. Who knows if it was because of me being vaccinated or breastfeeding or both or neither, but I felt better that I did everything I could.

When I got the vaccine with Avery, I was at the end of my first trimester, and with Lucy, I was 38 weeks.

So excited to hear about your anatomy scan!! Praying for a healthy little one! :)

Kelly Via said...

I don't have any advice to give about the flu shot, just to pray and then make a choice. But I want to tell you that I love seeing your progress and I am so happy for you! Can't wait to hear if your baby is a girl or boy! Congratulations on another great doc appointment!

Ann G. said...

I have been waiting anxiously for a new update from you. I am so happy that you and your baby are doing well. Please don't make us wait so long next time :)

I don't think it's a good idea to get the combined shot. I did get the regular flu shot when I was pregnant 3 years ago but I absolutely do not trust the H1n1 shot. None of my family received it last year and we will not this year.

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

I always get a flu shot when pregnant, and last year (pregnant) I got both the H1N1 and the regular flu shot. No problems at all, and no flu. I was a little wary with all the news stories, but another great Catholic family that I know was also expecting a new baby, and the husband is a Ph.D in pharmacology. So, he did TONS of research (it was his pregnant wife, after all) and was satisfied that it was safe to get the shot. So, she did. We both were completely fine.

I am so excited that you are so far along!!! WOW!! :)

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I didn't get the shot. My gut wouldn't let me. But that's all the advice I've got :)

Holly Rutchik said...

1st - PTL for a growing baby! yahoooooo!! I am overjoyed for you.
2nd - last year I got the H1N1 shot (I did not have a choice as my husband had just had heart surgery and they said all in our family MUST get the shot to prevent something very bad if he were to get it) at the time I was about 6 weeks pregnant. At 9 weeks I had a miscarraige and the ultrasound showed the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks 2 days which was the very same day I had gotten the H1N1 shot. I don't know for sure that is what caused our loss. However, I am now 12 weeks pregnant and will not be getting ANY flu shots this year. We figured even IF i got the flu, the chance of getting it so bad that it would hurt the baby is very, very small. Most pregnant women who have gotten the flu to a point where lives where in danger did not seek medical attention right away. If I get the flu, and I pray I don't, I will call my doctor right away and go right into the ER if I am unable to keep anything down or am feeling super sick. A simple IV drip can work wonders to a body with the flu.
That is just my take! Bless you as you pray about this!

Second Chances said...

Wow, 16 weeks!!! I'm so happy for you and your family.

As for the flu shot, I never get them so I wouldn't get one while pregnant. But that's just me, I have no medical research or data to back up my resistence...just my gut!

Anonymous said...

I have never had a flu shot and I didn't get it while I was pregnant either. I didn't know I could. Sounds very uneducated, right? I didn't get the flu though. Last year ,my pediatrician told my husband and I we should get it since our son was a baby but by that time they were all out of it! I think it's unnecessary. You'll make the right decesion for you and your baby.

My Heart Exults... said...

This is all great news. I love reading your updates and learning that the baby is strong and growing. I can hardly wait for your 2 week appointment! As for shots: I'm hoping to learn something based on your comments. Maybe one day I'll get to use the advice!

lavatea said...

I was pregnant last year and opted out, even though they wanted all of us nursing students to get it. I just didn't feel comfortable that enough research on potential problems had been done. I don't even like taking Tylenol while pregnant unless I'm just absolutely miserable. Just not comfortable pumping extra meds of any kind to the baby.

Karen said...

I've been battling this as well. Surprisingly my ob hasn't mentioned it to me but everyone else keeps asking me. Honestly, my gut says no. I get sick every fall/winter but it's rarely the flu. I did happen to catch H1N1 last year but I was working with children at the time and there was a huge outbreak in our school. I just feel like this year I'm home so I'm a lot less exposed. In fact, with the exception of the flu I got last year I got the sickest I ever have on the two years that I did get the flu shot.

I've pretty much decided not to get one. My gut is just saying no. I think you are going to have to follow your gut. I think our instincts are very powerful.

I can't wait for you to find out what you are having! So much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Jocelyn!

You know I've got to chime in here, with my degree in reproductive/maternal and child health. You should ABSOLUTELY get a flu shot! It has nothing to do with protecting your baby from flu. (Well, not directly.) It has to do with protecting YOU from flu. Pregnant women, with their already taxed immune systems, are at a much greater risk of dying from flu than other people. YOU CANNOT GET SICK FROM TYPICAL FLU SHOTS. THE VIRUS IS "KILLED."

Here're some links about all the pregnant women who either died last flu season or were hospitalized in critical condition. This is not hype. This is not liberal leftism. This is not secular. Pregnant women are at greater risk of dying/suffering severely from flu than comparable populations who aren't pregnant.

From US News and World Report:

From Fox News:,2933,535053,00.html

So glad you and baby H are thriving! God is so good!!


Lisa C Photography said...

I have never gotten the flu and I don't ever get a flu shot. As you know, I am due the same day as you and I do NOT intend on getting the flu shot. And while I understand what Joceyln is saying (and I also read many articles about this), there IS and WAS a lot of hype around the H1N1...just like the article says, "Schuchat said it's not yet clear whether there is something different about the H1N1 flu's effect on pregnant women, or whether researchers are noticing its effect on pregnant women more because the virus is being monitored closely."

People die from the regular flu all the time, but they don't put those numbers out there. But 99% of the time, it's the elderly and those with weak immune systems that are affected. There is always a risk of getting the flu, but even if you do, it doesn't mean death for you or baby...but I, too feel like there has not been enough research done on these vaccines to risk it while pregnant. My doctor has not mentioned it at all to me yet, but I'll let you know if she does!

Christina @ Faith for Fertility said...

I am with Megan on this one. I got the flu shot last year when I was pregnant with Joseph. I think I was about 34 weeks - I don't remember exactly but I know it was in the last trimester & I felt huge! :) I get the flu shot every year and always get a mild flu - usually a couple weeks after I get the shot so it is really just my body getting used to the vaccine I believe. Joseph will be getting his shot tomorrow. I wouldn't be giving it to him if he wasn't in a daycare setting though.

Lisa C Photography said...

I found this online about the cons on getting the shot....

The FDA package insert clearly states that the H1N1 vaccine is a" Category C Drug", that it is "not known whether these vaccines cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or affect reproductive capacity," and that it should "only be given to a pregnant woman if clearly needed."

The National Coalition of Women (NCOW) published a study in September of 2010 claiming the possibility of up to over 3,000 miscarriages and stillbirths being correlated to receiving the H1N1 flu vaccine during pregnancy. This study is based on both VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) reports and NCOW's own survey, which is a collection of stories from mothers who miscarried/had a still-birth after receiving the H1N1 shot. The study does not appear to be peer-reviewed.

Most doses of the flu vaccine contain mercury, which is some worry is linked to autism and other disorders, though not proven. Pregnant women are encouraged to limit their intake of known mercury sources, such as from seafood, because of mercury risks. There are "preservative-free" versions of the shot available with (mercury/thimerosal-free), but the drug inserts on these vaccines state there is still a chance that the vial could contain some mercury.

Read more at this link...

mrsblondies said...

I got the preservative-free shot about a week ago and I'm due about a week later than you. I work with a three month old and will be taking care of a newborn, so I got it. The mom of the kid I take care of is a pediatrician and is 31 weeks pregnant (she's has two miscarriages before this pregnancy) and she researched and felt comfortable getting the shot.

Christina Moose said...

There are a couple of different types of shots. Maybe you could get the mist instead and it would be less concerning. I don't know, I didn't really research it. I did get it while being pregnant. No true side effects just more tired (so I took one of my awesome naps).
I am SO glad that everything is going good for you. I am feeling great and my little boy moves like crazy. I cannot believe you were right across from my neighborhood. Maybe next time you come visit, I can meet you both for lunch!
Good luck and trust me I know the feeling everything makes you SO nervous!!! I am constantly worried!

Hil323 said...

Ask them to order the preservative free (which incidentally you can order for your infant and request that they spread the shots out over time once baby is born---learned that in Special Ed. classes). That way baby isn't bombarded all at once with the shots and immunities, etc. The flu shot is tricky. Maybe you can get one that isn't combined? I'd wait until the 2nd trimester for sure and then go with your gut. I did have the flu and it SUCKED. But who is to say the flu wasn't what made those women miscarry. SO many people got it even with the vaccine. Still say it's a boy! Mom bought Isabel a body poof washy thing that is a sheep. It has a rear end side-so cute! Love you

Faith makes things possible said...

I know nothing about whether or not a pregnant woman should/shouldn't get a flu shot...but I think you're getting some good advice!

Just wanted to stop by and say I'm so happy to hear everything going well, I've been praying for y'all! Also, how neat that you're friend is letting you borrow the heart monitor!!