Saturday, September 19, 2009

The joys of parenthood.

This morning I just happened to be watching the news when they interviewed a woman, Corinne Maier, who wrote a book about 40 reasons not to have children (No kids: 40 good reasons not to have children).

I was at first disgusted that anyone would write such a book and then to my surprise and horror they stated that the author is a mother of two!  That was when my disgust changed to heartache for her and especially for her two children.  I wondered about the emotional state of two children whose own mother's ideas about raising children included:

"your kid will always disappoint you"
"kids are the death of desire"
"motherhood or success: pick one"
"motherhood is a trap for all women"

Unbelieveable and appalling.

That made me want to make my own list of good reasons for having children. 

Here are a few:

Oh, as if this pic weren't good reason enough?? 

Increased love.
The joy of watching your child grow.
The wonder of discovery.
Loving pride of watching your child take his or her first steps.
How your heart melts when they say, "Mommy, I love you!"
Knowing your child has made you a better person.
Self-centeredness turns to selflessness.
Innocent questions.
Newborn baby smell!
Baby smiles and coos.
Cuddling a little one in your arms.
Knowing Mommy's hugs have meaning.
Children are a blessing from the Lord.
The desire for more children.
The laughter of your child.
The smile it puts on your face when you hear those giggles.
Sponataneous kisses and hugs.
Little hands reaching for yours.
Squeals of delight.
Knowing that you are your child's role model and biggest influence.
Becoming a family.
Sharing your child with his or her grandparents (don't they just delight in them?).
Knowing you worked together in the creation of a new life with God.

These are just some of the reasons that I came up with within a matter of minutes, and I was interested to know what your reasons are/were for having a child.  I'm not about to say that having a child is not hard work, it is!  But the joy, love and delight that come from having a child far outweigh the negatives in my mind.  Hopefully in your mind too!  Please feel free to add your joys of parenthood in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

It makes me so sad for the author's children to know how she truly feels about them! Everyday I am so excited to see my little guy! His laughter is beautiful and contagious, and he is so eager to learn! He looks at me and Adam like we are the most amazing thing he's ever seen! Sure there are the not so fun moments, but those are so worth it for all the little smiles, laughs, and hugs we get! Just writing about him brings happy tears to my eyes! I just don't understand how someone can regret their decision to create a little miracle!! Still thinking and praying for you guys!

Amber :)

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

This is so beautiful! Motherhood truly is a divine gift. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I will come back to yours!

Tracey said...

What a wonderful post and what a wonderful smile it brought to my face. I ditto every single thing you pointed out and then some!

God Bless and Much Love!

Anonymous said...

You need to write a book in response!

Meredith said...

How about those sleepless nights when your baby just wants you, a mother, the one and only person on earth who gives and is PEACE to them. Even though it's hard during that night, or many nights, the calming, peaceful feeling that takes over you when you are holding them and they finally fall asleep in your arms...for me, that's another great reason!!! I am appalled at this book and that someone even agreed to publish it. thanks for listing your own few reasons that make being a parent the greatest JOY on earth!!!!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Thank you for this. I saw that same interview and had the exact same reaction.