Sunday, August 17, 2014

Long Overdue "Meet Our Goats" Post!

In May of this year we purchased two yearling Lamancha doe goats from a local (well couple hours drive) dairy goat breeder. 

Their names are Lyrical Lady and Classie Lady and they are such fun, lots of work, and very entertaining and mischievous!

We will be breeding them for the first time this fall, and in the spring will hopefully have little baby goats and lots of fresh goat's milk! 

But first we had to build a fence and a barn for them. 


Below are some pictures of the inside:
The goats are standing on the milking stand that Rob just built.  Their head goes into the section on the end (where they get something to eat) and the board on the right slides to the left and locks their head into place so they can't get away while you are milking.

We had just moved the milking stand into the barn, so the goats were eager to try it out ;)

Rob built the barn himself and we used lumber and parts that we purchased or got for free off craigslist, so we saved about $5000!

They are so much fun but they are always up to something! 
They are really sweet and will follow you all through the pasture.
We are so excited about getting milk in the spring!!

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