Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh how they are growing! A picture post.

My little ones are growing up.  Of course, it's happening every day.  But it is going so fast.  Here are some new pics so I can remember these days.

These days of playing on dirt piles.

And savoring ice pops.

And for the first time!
And wearing muck boots everywhere.

And dancing in the pasture.

And catching chickens and exploding with laughter when they do.

And drinking from the hose.

And being so happy about getting really dirty.

And almost being able to reach.

And walking!
And really walking!

And growing up.

Growing up.

Growing up.


Billie Jo said...

They do grow, don't they.
No matter how hard our hearts wish some moments to last longer...they keep growing.

Growing up. Growing away.
As is their job. : )
Bittersweet for a mommy...watching her babies grow.
If only it didn't happen so quickly!
Lovely photos!

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

Hi, found your blog while looking for photos of the Polyphemus moth. You had a photo of one in your archives - June 2013.

My brother and I found one yesterday evening. Amazing how big they are. Will be uploading the photo we took to my National Geographic Your Shot gallery. (For an assignment called, "Show Me Your Wilderness.")

Just wanted to say Thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful family. May God continue to bless you and yours. -Katie

P.S. My current blog is Katiez Furry Mewz. Mostly blog about the cats and kittens God sends my way to watch over. =^..^=

Meredith said...

LOVE THESE!!!!! So beautiful!!!