Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garden End of June 2014

Here is our garden update for the end of June.

Our potato plants pretty much succumbed to the Colorado potato beetle infestation.  However, the potatoes are still in the ground and will be harvested in the next week or two.
Beans are shot because I decided to test out "what happens if you put uncomposted chicken manure on them" and my experiment failed...they die.  That's what happens.
I tried a second round in the same spot and guess what....that experiment failed too.
Planning on trying one more round in a different spot, and I'm hoping that it is not too late to put bean seeds in the ground.  I guess we will see.

Squash, zucchini, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkin are all growing well.

Okra has popped up and looks good so far. 

Of the pepper plants that survived, they are looking tiny but leaves look good.  I need to feed them.

Corn is growing on the stalks, but our stalks and leaves are not nearly as tall or lush as our neighbor's because we didn't fertilize them like he did. 

And the weeds....well, weeds are everywhere.  Between the kids and the other kids (dairy goats), there is no time to weed or fertilize or spray NEEM oil.  The garden just is what it is right now.  And we are lucky that it is producing and kind of running on it's own for the moment!

The other night we ate a meal entirely from our garden/homestead!  My brothers came over and we made a beer-can chicken (with one of the meat chickens we raised), potato salad with fresh potatoes and eggs from the garden, cucumber salad, and deviled eggs!  All from our own land!  It was truly a farm to table meal.

I'm really thrilled with how well the squash and zucchini are doing this year.  Last year it was so wet, that they did not do well at all, but we are growing squash and zucchini out our ears right now and the plants look really good!

Isabel's Humberto tomato plant

Tomatoes and weeds.  These tomatoes are starting to yellow on the bottom leaves.


New cucumber variety we are trying this year:  Edmonson, I think.  It is good for slicing or pickling...as you can see it looks just like a pickle.

Cucumber plants and weeds.

Corn and weeds.

This is a bug on the fruit of my potato plant.  Potato plants occasionally produce fruit which is not edible and of no use to the gardener, since potatoes are grown from...well, from a sacrificial potato, so to speak! 

Watermelon plants and weeds...notice a theme in our garden?  Hahah!

Some squash and 2 cucumbers and kale seed pods that I will let dry out.  Found out the hard way that once they dry out they burst open on their own....so my garden is littered with hundreds of kale seeds that I was hoping to save in a little baggie.


Daniel Yeisley said...

I never put uncomposted chicken manure on my plants. I always compost it first.

I learned the same thing about kale seed. :(

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Wow!! That all looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful garden. We have a very small number of plants because of our limited space, but I wonder, how do you treat squash with Neem oil? Do you just spray it on the stems, or on the leaves too? Do you avoid the flowers?