Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Partial Molar Pregnancy Update and addition to the farm.

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted and basically it has just been a long and slow road to get my HCG level to drop. 

Here is my recap:  doctors want my HCG level to be negative (which I was thinking was <5 6th="" are="" at="" checks:="" february="" here="" monday="" my="" nbsp="" numbers="" p="" since="" weekly="">
Latest test = 4

Well once we hit "4", I thought we were in the clear and I would be tested for 2 more weeks for a total of "3 weeks in the negative zone".  However, my OBGYN called tonight to tell me that this previous Monday's test was also a "4".  So for 2 weeks in a row, my HCG level has been 4.  He wants it at 0.  Literally zero.  He said he consulted with an oncologist and he is a little concerned about how slowly my levels have dropped and now that they are static at 4.

So next week if it doesn't drop, he is referring me to an oncologist for a second opinion. 

I have had one completely normal cycle with ovulation and all....and then the next cycle was a bit strange.  I bled for 14 days straight....started bleeding on cycle day 22 and then I think my actual period started on CD 30 and lasted for 6 days plus 1 day of spotting.  So that was definitely odd, but hopefully it is just my cycle trying to get back on track and not something worse.

To tell you the truth, I just feel back to my normal self!  And since we are not expecting a baby in August we decided to just focus on getting my health all back to normal and.....getting dairy goats. 

Yes, dairy goats.  So we've been dreaming of having dairy goats (just 2) to milk for our family and make cheese and, well the neighbors made this wonderful oatmeal lavender soap that I've fallen in love with, so goat milk soap too....and we needed to fence in an acre of our property with some serious fencing, because goats are really good at escaping apparently.  So we have just thrown ourselves into getting this fence up and researching goats (because neither of us have any caprine experience)...


of or pertaining to goats.
So between the fence and the garden (tomatoes, kale, zucchini, potatoes, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, peppers, sweet peas, pole beans and corn, currently), and sending Rob out to a dairy farm to check out some milkers....we've been pretty busy, but it's been a really good busy.  Good, productive, healthy busy.
So listen, you can definitely say a little prayer for me about the whole HCG drop/oncology thing.  I'm not really worried about it, but I can ALWAYS use prayer.
Thanks for reading along :)

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Billie Jo said...

Prayers for you my friend...
And please keep us updated. : )